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Business Excellence

Mission Statement

Business Excellence supports continuous process improvement in all areas of correctional managed care through facilitation of systematic performance improvement methods that maximize resources, improve quality, and reduce waste.

Performance Improvement Methods

Lean: Lean involves efforts such as observation, value stream mapping, and brainstorming to eliminate or reduce waste or any activities that consume resources without adding value to a process.

PDCA: PDCA is a four-step process used in quality control as a simplified method of achieving improvements. These steps are: (1) Plan: determine what needs to be done, when, how, and by whom. (2) Do: carry out the plan, on a small scale first. (3) Check: analyze the results of carrying out the plan. (4) Act: take appropriate steps to close the gap between planned and actual results.

Six Sigma: Six Sigma is a five-step process used in quality control as a statistical method for achieving improvement. These steps are: (1) Define: collect and define the voice of the customer through a description of customers needs and perceptions of services rendered (2) Measure: provides understanding of the current condition of a process through concepts and tools used to quantify the baseline condition of the process (3) Analyze: identify gaps between current performance and goal performance; prioritize opportunities for improvement (4) Improve: develop and deploy innovative solutions using technology (5) Control: institutionalize improvements through system modifications and develop an ongoing monitoring plan to prevent reverting back to the former process

Reference: Tague, N. R. (2005). The Quality Toolbox (2nd ed.). Milwaukee, WI: American Society for Quality, Quality Press.



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