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Upholding the Principles of the Catholic Faith
in the Practice of Medicine

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The Catholic Medical Students' Association at the University of Texas Medical Branch is an organization seeking to promote spiritual and moral values, foster the development of spiritual life and worship, and provide an opportunity for medical students to congregate and share their experiences. The organization's primary focus is integrating medical education with faith and ethics.

Our national organization has over two hundred medical and dental student members across the US & Canada.

The purpose of the CMSA at UTMB is to instill a keen sense of ethical responsibility and to promote understanding and respect for principles of ethical medical practice among the professionals and students at UTMB.  To fulfill this purpose, the CMSA at UTMB will undertake a variety of activities.

All medical professionals and students at UTMB are invited to attend the lectures and events hosted by the CMSA at UTMB. Residents and medical students also assemble each year at the annual meeting of the Catholic Medical Association.

The Catholic Medical Students' Association at UTMB encourages all students to get involved with the Galveston Newman Center.  The Newman Center hosts events and weekly mass at its location at 1402 Broadway.  While CMSA at UTMB is focused on medical ethics and fellowship, the Galveston Newman Center is available to address all other spiritual needs of Catholic students. 


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To provide guidance & support for medical students.

To develop community among students entering the medical profession.

To promote education in Catholic physician values.

To offer religious & educational programs that support
both spiritual growth & moral leadership.

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The CMSA at UTMB is a student lead outreach of the Galveston Newman Center in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston