Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the basic objective of the Conflicts of Interest policies?

What are the Conflicts of Interest policies?

Where does the authority for each policy come from?

Which policy should I consult?

Are other academic medical centers changing their conflict of interest and/or commitment policies to be more stringent?


Individual Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment

What is a Conflict of Commitment?

What are some examples of Conflicts of Commitment?

What is an Individual (personal) Conflict of Interest?

What are some examples of activities that may reasonably appear to be individual conflicts of interest?

Are there outside activities that are deemed impermissible under the policies and therefore are not allowed?

What is considered to be UTMB time?

What is a Research Conflict of Interest (RCOI)?

What are some examples of Research Conflicts of Interest?


Prior Approval

Who has to seek prior approval?

How do I get prior approval?

What outside activities require prior approval?

Are there exceptions to prior approval (i.e., activities that are preapproved and do not require prior approval)?

How long before starting an outside activity do I need to seek approval?

How long does an approval last?

How does the approval process work?



What is a disclosure?

How does disclosure differ from prior approval?

What information that I disclose will be made public?


Interactions with Industry

What is considered Industry?

Can I accept tickets to a sporting event from Industry?

Can Industry fund my travel to a conference/meeting or reimburse me for travel and lodging expenses for attending a meeting?

Can an Industry representative take me out to lunch?

Can I accept a token gift from Industry if it is offered for free to all conference attendees (e.g., pens)?

Can I actively participate (present) in a meeting/conference fully sponsored by Industry?

Is it against UTMB policy to participate in Industry sponsored speakers' bureaus?



I am a UTMB clinician, may I accept an unsolicited gift basket from a patient?