The Benefits of Carpooling

Consider the Benefits...

  1. Arrive at work and depart from work in a timely manner every day.
  2. Carpooling helps the environment. Carpooling and vanpooling help Houston and surrounding counties comply with the Federal Clean Air Act, by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Federal highway funds will be cut off if compliance is not met.
  3. Take advantage of your tax dollars at work. Each regular VPSI vanpool rider is subsidized $35 per month on their van fare by the federal government, administered through the Metropolitan Transit Authority.
  4. Save your money. The savings come from:
    • adding fewer miles to your personal vehicles, thereby slowing the loss of vehicle net worth.
    • reducing fuel usage, oil usage, tire changes and wear-and-tear on your personal vehicle.
    • eliminating a parking fee from your monthly expenses. (UTMB provides free parking for the commuter vans.)
    • some insurance companies provide discounts for people who don't commute in their personal automobile.
  5. Reduce traffic on the highways.
  6. Reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  7. Reduce the need for more parking spaces here at UTMB.
  8. Free emergency shuttle. Enterprise Rent-a-Car provides a vehicle for VPSI vanpoolers through the “Emergency Ride Home” program, administered through Metro.
  9. Use your commute time to do take-home work, get to know your fellow riders, or take a nap.