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Records Management: Responsibilities

Entity Leaders and Department Administrators
Department Records Coordinators
Records Management Department

Entity Leaders and Department Administrators

  • Ensure that Records Retention Schedules (RRS) are applied to records

  • Prevent the creation of unnecessary records in any media

  • Promote the application of filing systems and structures for the efficient organization, maintenance and use of records to facilitate retrieval and use

  • Ensure that records of continuing value are preserved, but that valueless or non-current information is disposed of or transferred to storage in a timely manner in accordance with departmental Records Retention Schedules

  • Ensure that the acquisition and use of all direct paper to microfilm systems and equipment or electronic digital images are technically feasible, cost-effective and most appropriately satisfy program needs

  • Ensure that appropriate criteria justifying the acquisition of information storage equipment is applied

  • Preserve and protect information that is vital to the essential functions of UTMB during an emergency; or that information essential to the legal rights and interests of individual citizens and UTMB

  • Provide for department-wide management of machine-readable and microfilm records in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations

  • Ensure that file custodians are designated within their areas of responsibility

  • Appoint Department Records Coordinators

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Department Records Coordinators

  • Act as liaison to the UTMB Records Management Program

  • Assist Records Management in developing and maintaining an accurate record survey

  • Review and suggest changes and/or deletions on the department's RRS

  • Provide documentation of federal/state rules/regulations governing the retention period of specific records within the department

  • Maintain Department Records Retention Manual

  • Send eligible records to storage

  • Complete appropriate forms accurately and according to established Records Management procedures

  • Manage disposition of office records according to the certified RRS

  • Maintain Disposition Logs

  • Identify vital records

  • Notify Records Management of any changes in Department Records Coordinators and Alternate Coordinators, e.g., name changes, new phone, route, fax, new location, etc.

  • Notify Records Management of organizational changes: e.g., department name changes, department head changes, new divisions created, mergers, etc.

  • Authorize the Records Center to dispose of records in storage that have met their retention period

  • Attend and/or request Records Management training when needed

  • Educate others in the department on Records Management procedures

  • Follow all published Records Management procedures

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Records Management Department

  • Develop policies, directives, and instructional materials governing the organization, maintenance and disposition of all records, including machine-readable and audiovisual records

  • Provide advice, guidance, assistance and training in all aspects of the Records Management Program

  • Coordinate program efforts and evaluate program effectiveness by making periodic surveys of information systems, equipment and services

  • Plan and coordinate the Vital Records Program

  • Coordinate the retirement and retrieval of UTMB records to the Records Center

  • Maintain the UTMB master RRS

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