UTMB Specialty Care Center

About UTMB Contracting Strategies

Under the direction of Becky Korenek, Vice President, the Department of Contracting Strategies oversees initiatives at UTMB for payor strategies/market opportunities, contract administration, revenue integrity and provider enrollment.

Payor Strategies & Market Opportunities

Becky Korenek oversees contract negotiations with managed care plans, employers, and other third party payors. The primary focus area is negotiating managed care contracts and direct employer agreements on behalf of UTMB providers and health care facilities. Through these relationships, individuals and employers in the greater southeast Texas area have access to UTMB's health care services. Becky is also responsible for directing and managing the pricing and reimbursement strategies for all UTMB providers. Due to her interaction with payors and employers, she also assists with the Health System's strategy and approach to market growth.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration coordinates efficient and risk-appropriate contracting practices across the institution by maintaining consistent contracting parameters, ensuring appropriate financial terms, and merging other relevant information to support informed contracting decisions. Contract Administration also coordinates the delegation of institutional signatory authorities and manages the process of acquiring Board of Regents approval for significant contracts and other related matters.

Revenue Integrity

The Revenue Integrity team is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the UTMB charge description master for both professional services and the health system's clinics and facilities, including pricing oversight, compliance, and review.

Provider Enrollment

The provider enrollment team is responsible for enrolling UTMB faculty providers into Medicare, Medicaid, and the Managed Care and Managed Medicaid plans that are contracted with UTMB. In addition, they serve as liaison between the billing department and managed care plans to resolve billing issues related to provider enrollment.

Jennie Sealy, Aug 2014