Resilience: Mind • Body • Spirit

  • Happier January - Week 4

    • Day 22 - Plan something fun and invite others to join you
    • Day 23 - Put away digital devices periodically and focus on being in the moment
    • Day 24 - Take a small step towards an important goal
    • Day 25 - Decide to lift people up rather than put them down
    • Day 26 - Choose one of your strengths and find a way to use it today
    • Day 27 - Challenge your negative thoughts and look for the upside
    • Day 28 - Ask other people about things they've enjoyed recently
    • Day 29 - Say hello to a fellow UTMB employee from a different area and get to know them better
    • Day 30 - See how many people you can smile at today
    • Day 31 - Write down your hopes or plans for the future
  • Happier January - Week 3

    • Day 15 - Get outside and notice five things that are beautiful
    • Day 16 - Contribute positively to your work environment
    • Day 17 - Be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes
    • Day 18 - Get back in contact with an old friend
    • Day 19 - Focus on what’s good, even if today feels tough
    • Day 20 - Go to bed in good time and allow yourself to recharge
    • Day 21 - Try out something new to get out of your comfort zone
  • Happier January - Week 2

    • Day 8 - Say positive things to the people you meet today
    • Day 9 - Get moving. Do something active (ideally outdoors even if just for 10 minutes)
    • Day 10 - Thank someone you're grateful to and tell them why
    • Day 11 - Switch off all your tech at least an hour before bedtime
    • Day 12 - Connect with someone near you - share a smile or chat
    • Day 13 - Take a different route today and see what you notice
    • Day 14 - Eat healthy food which really nourishes you today
  • Happier January - Week 1

    • Day 1 - Find three things to look forward to this year
    • Day 2 -Make time today to do something kind for yourself
    • Day 3 - Do a kind act for someone else to help to brighten their day
    • Day 4 - Write a list of things you feel grateful for and why
    • Day 5 - Look for the good in others and notice their strengths
    • Day 6 - Take five minutes to sit still and just breathe
    • Day 7 - Learn something new and share it with others
  • Do Good December - Week 5

    • Day 22 - Congratulate someone for an achievement that may go unnoticed
    • Day 23 - Choose to give or receive the gift of forgiveness
    • Day 24 - Bring joy to others. Share something which made you laugh
    • Day 25 - Treat everyone with kindness today, including yourself!
    • Day 26 - Get outside. Do something kind for nature
    • Day 27 - Call a relative or friend who is far away to say hello and have a chat
    • Day 28 - Be kind to the planet. Consider a meatless day, recycle, bike to use less energy
    • Day 29 - Turn off digital devices and really listen to people
    • Day 30 - Let someone know how much you appreciate them and why
    • Day 31 - Plan some new acts of kindness to do in 2022
  • Do Good December - Week 3

    • Day 15 - Brighten someone’s day
    • Day 16 - Look for something positive to say to everyone you speak to
    • Day 17 - Give thanks. List the kind things others have done for you
    • Day 18 - Ask for help and let someone else discover the joy of giving
    • Day 19 - Contact someone who may be alone or feeling isolated
    • Day 20 - Help others by giving away something that you don’t need
    • Day 21 - Appreciate kindness and thank people who do things for you
  • Do Good December - Week 2

    • Day 8 - Do something helpful for a friend or coworker
    • Day 9 -Notice when you're hard on yourself or others and be kind instead
    • Day 10 - Listen wholeheartedly to others without judging them
    • Day 11 - Buy an extra item and donate it
    • Day 12 - Be generous. Feed someone with food, love or kindness today
    • Day 13 - See how many different people you can smile at today
    • Day 14 - Share a happy memory or inspiring thought with a loved one
  • Do Good December - Week 1

    • Day 1 - Spread kindness and share the tips with others
    • Day 2 - Check in with someone to see how they are
    • Day 3 - Offer to help someone who is facing difficulties at the moment
    • Day 4 - Support a charity, cause or campaign you really care about
    • Day 5 - Give a kind word to someone who is alone for the holidays or has experienced a loss
    • Day 6 - Leave a positive message for someone else to find
    • Day 7 - Give kind comments to as many people as possible today
  • New Ways November - Week 4

    • Day 22 - Find a new way to tell someone you appreciate them
    • Day 23 - Set aside a regular time to pursue an activity you love
    • Day 24 - Share with a friend something helpful you learned recently
    • Day 25 - Use one of your strengths in a new or creative way
    • Day 26 - Try out a different radio station or new TV show
    • Day 27 - Join a friend doing their hobby and find out why they love it
    • Day 28 - Discover your artistic side. Design a friendly greeting card
    • Day 29 - Enjoy new music today. Play, sing, dance or listen
    • Day 30 - Look for new reasons to be hopeful, even in tough times
  • New Ways November - Week 3

    • Day 15 - Build on new ideas by thinking “Yes, and what if... ”
    • Day 16 - Look at life through someone else’s eyes and see their perspective
    • Day 17 - Try a new way to practice self-care and be kind to yourself
    • Day 18 - Connect with someone from a different generation
    • Day 19 - Broaden your perspective: read a different paper, magazine or site
    • Day 20 - Make a meal using a recipe or ingredient you've not tried before
    • Day 21 - Learn a new skill from a friend or share one of yours with them
  • New Ways November - Week 2

    • Day 8 - Plan a new activity or idea you want to try out this week
    • Day 9 - When you feel you can't do something, add the word "yet"
    • Day 10 - Be curious. Learn about a new topic or an inspiring idea
    • Day 11 - Choose a different route and see what you notice on the way
    • Day 12 - Find out something new about someone you care about
    • Day 13 - Do something playful outdoors - walk, run, explore, relax
    • Day 14 - Find a new way to help or support a cause you care about
  • New Ways November - Week 1

    • Day 1 - Make a list of new things you want to do this month
    • Day 2 - Respond to a difficult situation in a different way
    • Day 3 - Get outside and observe the changes in nature around you
    • Day 4 - Sign up to join a new course, activity or online community
    • Day 5 - Change your normal routine today and notice how you feel
    • Day 6 - Try out a new way of being physically active
    • Day 7 - Be creative. Cook, draw, write, paint, make or inspire
  • October - Week 4 (Optimistic October)

    • Day 22 - Share a hopeful quote, picture or video with a friend or colleague
    • Day 23 - Recognise that you have a choice about what to prioritise
    • Day 24 - Write down three specific things that have gone well recently
    • Day 25 - You can’t do everything! What are your three priorities this week?
    • Day 26 - Find a new perspective on a problem you face
    • Day 27 - Be kind to yourself today. Remember, progress takes time
    • Day 28 - Ask yourself, will this still matter a year from now?
    • Day 29 - Plan a fun or exciting activity to look forward to
    • Day 30 - Identify three things that give you hope for the future
    • Day 31 - Set a goal that brings a sense of purpose for the coming month
  • October - Week 3 (Optimistic October)

    • Day 15 - Thank yourself for achieving the things you often take for granted
    • Day 16 - Put down your to-do list and do something fun or uplifting
    • Day 17 - Take a small step towards a positive change you want to see in society
    • Day 18 - Set hopeful but realistic goals for the week ahead
    • Day 19 - Identify one of your positive qualities that will be helpful in the future
    • Day 20 - Find joy in tackling a task you've put off for some time
    • Day 21 - Let go of the expectations of others and focus on what matters to you
  • October - Week 2 (Optimistic October)

    • Day 8 - Make some progress on a project or task you have been avoiding
    • Day 9 - Share an important goal with someone you trust
    • Day 10 - Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished this week
    • Day 11 - Avoid blaming yourself or others. Find a helpful way forward
    • Day 12 - Look out for positive news and reasons to be cheerful today
    • Day 13 - Ask for help to overcome an obstacle you are facing
    • Day 14 - Do something constructive to improve a difficult situation
  • October - Week 1 (Optimistic October)

    • Day 1 - Write down three things you can look forward to this month
    • Day 2 - Find something to be optimistic about (even if it’s a difficult time)
    • Day 3 - Take a small step towards a goal that really matters to you
    • Day 4 - Start your day with the most important thing on your to-do list
    • Day 5 - Be a realistic optimist. See life as it is, but focus on what's good
    • Day 6 - Remind yourself that things can change for the better
    • Day 7 - Look for the good in people around you today
  • September - Week 4 (Self-Care)

    • Day 22 - Take your time. Make space to just breathe and be still
    • Day 23 - Let go of other people’s expectations of you
    • Day 24 - Accept yourself and remember that you are worthy of love
    • Day 25 - Find a new way to use one of your strengths or talents
    • Day 26 - Avoid saying 'I should’ and make time to do nothing
    • Day 27 - Free up time by canceling any unnecessary plans
    • Day 28 - Choose to see your mistakes as steps to help you learn
    • Day 29 - Write down three things you appreciate about yourself
    • Day 30 - Remind yourself that you are enough, just as you are
  • September - Week 3 (Self-Care)

    • Day 15 - Find a caring, calming phrase to use when you feel low
    • Day 16 - Leave positive messages for yourself to see regularly
    • Day 17 - Notice what you are feeling, without any judgment
    • Day 18 - Ask a trusted friend to tell you what strengths they see in you
    • Day 19 - No plans day. Make time to slow down and be kind to yourself
    • Day 20 - Enjoy photos from a time with happy memories
    • Day 21 - Don’t compare how you feel inside to how others appear outside
  • September - Week 2 (Self-Care)

    • Day 8 - Be willing to share how you feel and ask for help when needed
    • Day 9 - Aim to be good enough, rather than perfect
    • Day 10 - When you find things hard, remember it's ok not to be ok
    • Day 11 - Make time to do something you really enjoy
    • Day 12 - Get active outside and give your mind and body a natural boost
    • Day 13 - Be as kind to yourself as you would to a loved one
    • Day 14 - If you’re busy, allow yourself to pause and take a break
  • September - Week 1 (Self-Care)

    • Day 1 - Find time for self-care. It’s not selfish, it’s essential
    • Day 2 - Notice the things you do well, however small
    • Day 3 - Let go of self-criticism and speak to yourself kindly
    • Day 4 - Plan a fun or relaxing activity and make time for it
    • Day 5 - Forgive yourself when things go wrong. Everyone makes mistakes
    • Day 6 - Focus on the basics: eat well, exercise and go to bed on time
    • Day 7 - Give yourself permission to say ‘no’
  • August - Week 4 (Manage Stress/Maintain Resilience)

    • Day 23 - Think and act horizontally—break down silos and division.
    • Day 24 - Remember that all feelings and situations pass in time.
    • Day 25 - Be impeccable with your word today *Don Miguel Ruiz-The Four Agreements
    • Day 26 - Try not to take things personally today.
    • Day 27 - Avoid assumptions about others.
    • Day 28 - Don’t forget your health even during stress—sleep, eat well, move.
    • Day 29 - Ask for help when you need it. Use your resources.
    • Day 30 - Look toward the future—keep moving in that direction.
    • Day 31 - Believe in human goodness—it’s always there.
  • August - Week 3 (Manage Stress/Maintain Resilience)

    • Day 15 - Present yourself authentically today.
    • Day 16 - Know that you possess “grit”- the passion and perseverance to get through
    • Day 17 - Use one of your strengths to overcome a challenge today.
    • Day 18 - Focus on communicating powerfully and effectively today.
    • Day 19 - Be open to feedback and coaching—use it for growth.
    • Day 21 - Practice forgiveness, it is a process and takes time but heals you and others.
    • Day 22 - Often through adversity comes stronger team and personal connections, remember this.
  • August - Week 2 (Manage Stress/Maintain Resilience)

    • Day 8 - Focus on self-efficacy today-you can do what you set your mind to.
    • Day 9 - Focus on self-awareness today-you can understand and manage your emotions and responses.
    • Day 10 - Focus on optimism and hope today.
    • Day 11 - Focus on optimism and hope today.
    • Day 12 - Write your worries down and save them for a specific, later “worry time.”
    • Day 13 - Challenge negative thoughts by considering an alternative interpretation (reframe it).
    • Day 14 - Get out of your area for a little bit today to refresh your mind.
  • August - Week 1 (Manage Stress/Maintain Resilience)

    • Day 1 - Find meaning in adversity today. Every challenge contains a lesson.
    • Day 2 - Build a community of support and express gratitude for this.
    • Day 3 - Maintain being hopeful…choose hope.
    • Day 4 - Identify one thing you are grateful for today.
    • Day 5 - Accept that things will change and anticipate this…we will get through this together.
    • Day 6 - Adapt an internal sense of control mindset—you are in control of you and your life.
    • Day 7 - Focus on self-esteem today-you are of value and worthy.
  • July - Week 4 (Jump Back Up July)

    • Day 22 - Remember that all feelings and situations pass in time.
    • Day 23 - Choose to see something good about what has gone wrong.
    • Day 24 - Notice when you’re feeling judgmental and choose to be kind instead.
    • Day 25 - Catch yourself over-reacting and take a deep breath.
    • Day 26 - Write down 3 things you’re grateful for (even if the day was tough).
    • Day 27 - Think about what you learned from a recent problem.
    • Day 28 - Be a realistic optimist—focus on what could go right.
    • Day 29 - Reach out to a friend, family member or colleague today for support.
    • Day 30 - Remember, we all struggle—it’s part of being human.
  • July - Week 3 (Jump Back Up July)

    • Day 15 - Do something fun to distract yourself from unhelpful thoughts.
    • Day 16 - Use one of your strengths to overcome a challenge today.
    • Day 17 - Let go of small stuff today and focus on the things that matter.
    • Day 18 - If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.
    • Day 19 - When things go wrong, pause and be kind to yourself.
    • Day 20 - Identify what positively helps you get through tough times in your life.
    • Day 21 - Write down 3 things you are hopeful about.
  • July - Week 2 (Jump Back Up July)

    • Day 8 - Put a problem into perspective by seeing the bigger picture.
    • Day 9 - Reach out to someone you trust and share your feelings with them.
    • Day 10 - Look for the positive today in a difficult situation.
    • Day 11 - Write your worries down and save them for a specific, later “worry time.”
    • Day 12 - Challenge negative thoughts by considering an alternative interpretation (reframe it).
    • Day 13 - Get out of your area and move for a little bit today.
    • Day 14 - Set an achievable goal and take a first step.
  • July - Week 1 (Jump Back Up July)

    • Day 1 - Take a small step today to overcome a problem or worry
    • Day 2 - Adopt a growth mindset today—change “I can’t” into “I can’t yet.”
    • Day 3 - Be willing to ask for help when you need it.
    • Day 4 - Attend to the basics today: eat well, exercise and go to sleep on time.
    • Day 5 - Take a minute to pause, breathe and feel your feet firmly on the ground.
    • Day 6 - Do something you really enjoy today and shift your mood.
    • Day 7 - Avoid saying “must” or “should” to yourself today.
  • June - Week 4 (Joyful June)

    • Day 22 - Watch something funny and enjoy how it feels to laugh.
    • Day 23 - Create a playlist of uplifting songs to listen to.
    • Day 24 - Bring to mind a favorite memory you feel grateful for.
    • Day 25 - Show appreciation to people who are helping others.
    • Day 26 - Make time to do something playful today, just for the fun of it.
    • Day 27 - Be kind to yourself today-do something that brings you joy.
    • Day 28 - Notice how positive emotions are contagious between people today.
    • Day 29 - Share a friendly smile with people you see today.
    • Day 30 - Make and keep a list of the joys in your life—add to it regularly.
  • June - Week 3 (Joyful June)

    • Day 15 - Look for something to be thankful for where you least expect it today.
    • Day 16 - Speak to others in a warm and friendly way.
    • Day 17 - Take time to notice things you find beautiful and inspiring.
    • Day 18 - Look for the good in a difficulty situation.
    • Day 19 - Find joy in being active today.
    • Day 20 - Rediscover and enjoy a fun childhood activity today.
    • Day 21 - Share a positive thought with someone who needs it today.
  • June - Week 2 (Joyful June)

    • Day 8 - Find joy in music: sing, play, dance, listen or share.
    • Day 9 - Ask a friend or family member what made them happy recently.
    • Day 10 - Bring joy to others by doing something kind for them.
    • Day 11 - Eat good food that makes you happy and really savour it.
    • Day 12 - Write a gratitude letter thanking someone.
    • Day 13 - Take a light-hearted approach to something today. Choose to see the funny side.
    • Day 14 - Share a happy memory with someone who means a lot to you.
  • June - Week 1 (Joyful June)

    • Day 1 - Decide to focus on what’s good today and throughout this month.
    • Day 2 - Say something positive in your conversations with others today.
    • Day 3 - Reframe a worry to find a helpful way to think about it.
    • Day 4 - Take a photo of something that brings you joy and share it.
    • Day 5 - Think of 3 things you’re grateful for and write them down.
    • Day 6 - Get outside in some green space and feel the joy of nature.
    • Day 7 - Do something healthy today which makes you feel good.
  • May - Week 4 (Meaningful May)

    • Day 22 - Find a project you care about today and help, even if for a moment.
    • Day 23 - Find and share an inspiring quote today.
    • Day 24 - Recall three things today that you or your team are proud of doing.
    • Day 25 - Strive to make choices that have a positive impact for others today.
    • Day 26 - Find out what matters most to someone else today and why.
    • Day 27 - Remember an event from life today that was really meaningful for you.
    • Day 28 - Focus on how your actions made a difference for others today.
    • Day 29 - Do something special today and revisit it tonight before you rest.
    • Day 30 - Do something today to care for the natural world.
    • Day 31 - Find 3 reasons to be hopeful for the future today.
  • May - Week 3 (Meaningful May)

    • Day 15 - Plan or do something to contribute to your team and community today.
    • Day 16 - Take a moment to look up at the sky—reflecting that we are all part of something bigger.
    • Day 17 - Express gratitude to people who you see working to make things better.
    • Day 18 - Take some time to make what you usually do extra meaningful today.
    • Day 19 - Send a hand written thoughtful note today.
    • Day 20 - Reflect on what makes you feel valued and purposeful today.
    • Day 21 - Find and reflect on 3 photos today that you find meaningful and memorable.
  • May - Week 2 (Meaningful May)

    • Day 8 - Put yourself on a kindness mission today—help others when you can.
    • Day 9 - Notice the beauty in nature today when you can—take a quick walk out or on the way home.
    • Day 10 - Role-model a value that is important to you today.
    • Day 11 - Recognize the little things that make you feel grateful, even when things get difficult
    • Day 12 - Listen to a favorite song or piece of music, remember what it means to you.
    • Day 13 - Look around you today for things that you may not have noticed that bring you wonder.
    • Day 14 - Find out the values or traditions of another culture.
  • May - Week 1 (Meaningful May)

    • Day 1 - Make a list of what matters most to you and why today, professionally and personally.
    • Day 2 - Do something kind for someone today.
    • Day 3 - Focus on what you CAN do today, rather than what you can’t do.
    • Day 4 - Share a photo or memory today from a time that you were proud.
    • Day 5 - Focus on hydration today and notice how it impacts how you feel and think.
    • Day 6 - Make an effort to look for people doing good today and reasons to feel grateful.
    • Day 7 - Let someone know how you appreciate them today.
  • April - Week 4 (Active April)

    • Day 22 - Practice mindfulness today to overcome bias.
    • Day 23 - Schedule time today to find awe in nature.
    • Day 24 - Watch an uplifting movie or read something that makes you smile.
    • Day 25 - Ask for help today if you need it.
    • Day 26 - Be open to talking about mental health, help fight the stigma.
    • Day 27 - Teach kids and families that kindness is good for their health.
    • Day 28 - Actively make a healthy meal choice today.
    • Day 29 - Reward yourself today for a healthy habit you choose to do.
    • Day 30 - Appreciate the richness and emotion that people’s eyes and tone of voice convey today.
  • April - Week 3 (Active April)

    • Day 15 - Educate yourself about prejudice and do your part to stop hate.
    • Day 16 - Practice forgiveness today not just for the sake of others but for you.
    • Day 17 - Listen to music to relax today.
    • Day 18 - Look for evidence today that challenges your knowledge and assumptions.
    • Day 19 - Go out of your way to connect with a colleague today.
    • Day 20 - Boost your mood through movement today.
    • Day 21 - Work to be happy today- you will more easily see connection and meaning.
  • April - Week 2 (Active April)

    • Day 8 - Actively appreciate the good things in your work relationships today.
    • Day 9 - Reflect on the positive adaptations you’ve made during the past year, as a team and for yourself.
    • Day 10 - Make your workplace more helpful and supportive—start with yourself and role-model the way.
    • Day 11 - Make a list of 3 good things that happen today.
    • Day 12 - Take a walk today and focus on awe, beauty, and wonder.
    • Day 13 - Do what you can to help others today.
    • Day 14 - Find a way to connect with your community today-makes you and them healthier and happier.
  • April - Week 1 (Active April)

    • Day 1 - It’s Active April, enhancing our health to increase our resilience-sneak a little extra activity in today.
    • Day 2 - Reflect on gratitude for your body and what it does for you today.
    • Day 3 - Get outdoors today, even for a short walk or stretch.
    • Day 4 - Exchange some sedentary time today for some activity—any amount counts.
    • Day 5 - Focus on hydration today and notice how it impacts how you feel and think.
    • Day 6 - Try unplugging yourself from technology for some of the day—focus on your breath and what’s around you.
    • Day 7 - Notice your habits when anxious, think of activity to improve these.
  • March - Week 4 (Focus on kindness—for self and others)

    • Day 22 - Offer help to a coworker today. It’s good for you and them.
    • Day 23 - Reflect on your sense of purpose today—as an individual or a team.
    • Day 24 - Find something in common with someone who’s different from you.
    • Day 25 - Notice experiences of awe, wonder and beauty in your surroundings today.
    • Day 26 - Reflect on your hopes for our world today.
    • Day 27 - Show yourself some care and compassion today. You deserve it.
    • Day 28 - Put up a positive visual reminder of how you want your day to go.
    • Day 29 - Be mentor today and help someone else discover their kindness and goodness.
    • Day 30 - Work on steps to positive social change—it takes time and perseverance.
    • Day 31 - Work on your active listening skills today-quiet your mind and be present.
  • March - Week 3 (Focus on kindness—for self and others)

    • Day 15 - Read a story or watch a tv show about people different from you.
    • Day 16 - Share something with someone today.
    • Day 17 - Reflect on how you’ve been lucky today.
    • Day 18 - Do a random act of kindness today.
    • Day 19 - Get some exercise today—it activates your feel good chemistry in your body.
    • Day 20 - Allow yourself to do something you enjoy today.
    • Day 21 - Be mindful of suffering---yours and others. Process and learn from it.
  • March - Week 2 (Focus on kindness—for self and others)

    • Day 8 - Stand up for women on International Women’s Day!
    • Day 9 - Practice being altruistic today by helping someone out—even if they don’t ask you to.
    • Day 10 - Spend time outside today—it helps peace of mind.
    • Day 11 - Reach out to an person in need who might be feeling down.
    • Day 12 - If you feel like complaining today, stop, and find something to appreciate instead.
    • Day 13Set a goal today for something important to you.
    • Day 14 - Take a walk and do a brief meditation today (see UTMB RISE website for one)
  • March - Week 1 (Focus on kindness—for self and others)

    • Day 1 - World Compliments Day is in March, give someone a compliment today.
    • Day 2 - The next time you are being too tough on yourself, think about how you would treat a friend in the same situation.
    • Day 3 - Boost your own and someone else’s mood with music today.
    • Day 4 - After a difficult incident, take time to process what you or your team’s been through.
    • Day 5 - Learn one new thing today, it makes new connections in your brain-and we need all the connections we can get (smile).
    • Day 6 - Plan for something that’s worrying you. Being prepared can reduce our anxiety.
    • Day 7 - Show affection or gratitude for someone you care about today.
  • Inclusive February - Week 4

    • Day 22 - Help someone feel like they belong today.
    • Day 23 - Appreciate the emotion and richness in people’s eyes today.
    • Day 24 - Say hello to someone you don’t know today.
    • Day 25 - Notice when you jump to conclusions about someone or some situation—reflect on this.
    • Day 26 - Consider the liberating act of forgiveness today.
    • Day 27- Seek out wonder and beauty in your surroundings today.
    • Day 28- Thought for today-One of the hallmarks of social wellness is being inclusive, not exclusive, with our kindness.
  • Inclusive February - Week 3

    • Day 15 - Be in the moment as much as possible today.
    • Day 16 - Take part in a random act of kindness today towards someone different from you.
    • Day 17 - Read an inspiring story on Black American History
    • Day 18 - Work on strengthening connections with others and then try it focusing on similarities not differences.
    • Day 19 - Share a laugh with someone today.
    • Day 20Practice using empathy and understanding for disagreements or difficult conversations.
    • Day 21 - Make kindness a priority today-write it down.
  • Inclusive February - Week 2

    • Day 8 - Build a reward into a difficult habit to boost motivation.
    • Day 9 - Write a gratitude message or letter to someone today.
    • Day 10 - Try deep listening today to find the shared humanity in someone who may seem different.
    • Day 11 - Listen to a TED talk on happiness today.
    • Day 12 - Give yourself a pep talk today.
    • Day 13Reflect on a close relationship that brings you joy.
    • Day 14 - Take a few moments for mindful self-compassion today.
  • Inclusive February - Week 1

    • Day 1 - It’s Black History Month, work to understand that egalitarian goals can be undermined by implicit biases—vow to recognize and work on these.
    • Day 2 - Create one meaningful, realistic goal to achieve today.
    • Day 3 - Spend a few moments recalling a time you felt loved and supported.
    • Day 4 - Listen to a TED talk on happiness today.
    • Day 5 - Reflect on something you’ve learned over the past year and congratulate yourself.
    • Day 6 - Watch a diverse, inclusive film to broaden your perspective.
    • Day 7 - Read something educational today to enhance your brain.
  • Plan something fun

    1/23/2021 - Plan something fun and invite others to join you

  • Try out something new

    1/22/2021 - Try out something new to get out of your comfort zone

  • Take a small step

    1/21/2021 - Take a small step towards an important goal

  • Go to bed in good time

    1/20/2021 - Go to bed in good time and give yourself time to recharge

  • Get back in contact

    1/19/2021 - Get back in contact with an old friend you miss

  • Contribute positively

    1/17/2021 - Contribute positively to a good cause or your community

  • Get outside

    1/16/2021 - Get outside and notice five things that are beautiful

  • Eat healthy food

    1/15/2021 - Eat healthy food which really nourishes you today

  • Thank someone

    1/10/2021 - Thank someone you're grateful to and tell them why

  • Get moving

    1/9/2021 - Get moving. Do something physically active (ideally outdoors)

  • Say positive things

    1/8/2021 - Say positive things to the people you meet today

  • Learn something new

    1/7/2021 - Learn something new and share it with others

  • Take five minutes

    1/6/2021 - Take five minutes to sit still and just breathe

  • Write a list

    1/4/2021 - Write a list of things you feel grateful for in life and why

  • Do a kind act

    1/3/2021 - Do a kind act for someone else to help to brighten their day

  • Make time today

    1/2/2021 - Make time today to do something kind for yourself

  • Celebrate the passing of 2020

    12/31/2020 - Celebrate the passing of 2020! Recognize all that you’ve done. Stay safe and healthy

  • Today, make a list

    12/30/2020 - Today, make a list of 3 things you are hopeful about for the new year.

  • Today, get physical

    12/28/2020 - Today, get physical—try a new exercise or activity that you’ve been thinking about. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

  • Enjoy this day

    12/25/2020 - Enjoy this day!! You are incredible and have persevered through a tough year.

  • Seek out and listen

    12/19/2020 - Seek out and listen to a different viewpoint. Be open to what you hear.

  • Congratulate someone

    12/16/2020 - Congratulate someone for an achievement that may have gone unnoticed.

  • Donate food

    12/12/2020 - Donate food or items to a charitable organization.

  • Embrace gratitude

    12/10/2020 - Embrace gratitude, list the kind things others have done for you.

  • Do something helpful

    12/8/2020 - Do something helpful for someone today, unsolicited.

  • Take an outdoors walk

    12/7/2020 - Take an outdoors walk and encourage someone else to do the same, enjoy nature.

  • Give the gift of listening

    12/3/2020 - Give the gift of listening to someone wholeheartedly today without judgment.

  • Support a charity

    12/2/2020 - Support a charity or cause that you really care about today.

  • Encourage more kindness

    12/1/2020 - Encourage more kindness. Pay it forward to someone today. 

  • Today, listen carefully

    11/30/2020 - Today, listen carefully—listen to hear and not just to respond. 

  • Today, get physical

    11/28/2020 - Today, get physical—try a new exercise or activity that you’ve been thinking about. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

  • Today, remember Viktor Frankl

    11/27/2020 - Today, remember Viktor Frankl- “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”

  • Today, ask yourself

    11/20/2020 - Today, ask yourself, “what’s the BEST that can happen?”

  • Today, write down your worries

    11/18/2020 - Today, write down your worries, put them in a box or jar and leave them to a later brief, specific “worry time.”

  • Today, give yourself permission

    11/17/2020 - Today, give yourself permission to let go of the small stuff. Remind yourself of the things that really matter.

  • Today, laugh

    11/14/2020 - Today, laugh. Do something fun or funny for yourself and someone else.

  • Today, go for a walk

    11/13/2020 - Today, go for a walk. Clear you mind by focusing on things around you—sights, smells, sounds. 

  • Today, challenge a negative thought

    11/12/2020 - Today, challenge a negative thought by finding a new interpretation. Pay attention to your language—is it mostly negative or positive?

  • Today, reach out to someone

    11/10/2020 - Today, reach out to someone you trust and share your feelings with them. Good for you and them.

  • Today, if things get tough

    11/9/2020 - Today, if things get tough, remind yourself that this will pass…it always does.

  • Today, back to basics

    11/8/2020 - Today, back to basics, vow to eat healthy, exercise and sleep well. Boost that immunity and your mood.

  • Today, avoid saying must

    11/5/2020 - Today, avoid saying “must” or “should” to yourself. Show some self-compassion.

  • Today, be willing to ask for help

    11/4/2020 - Today, be willing to ask for help when you need it. People want to help and appreciate it when you value their input enough to ask for it.

  • Today, adapt a growth mindset

    11/3/2020 - Today, adapt a growth mindset, instead of thinking or saying “I can’t,” try “I can.”

  • Today, identify one action

    11/2/2020 - Today, identify one action you can take to overcome a problem or a worry and take it.

  • make a list of things

    11/1/2020 - Today, make a list of things you are looking forward to and share it. Get some feel good biochemistry working for you.

  • Make a social commitment

    10/19/2020 - Make a social commitment. Find a buddy or group pursuing similar positive goals and support each other.

  • Change your environment to make goals easier

    10/18/2020 - Change your environment to make goals easier. People who are most successful in exercising self-control and reaching their goals are actually exceptionally good at one thing: arranging their daily environment so that they are not tempted and so that it is convenient to make healthy choices.

  • Let go of an all or nothing approach

    10/17/2020 - Let go of an all or nothing approach. What works much better is realizing that sometimes all you can do is just a little bit. It still counts. Progress is made one step at a time.

  • Be grateful

    10/16/2020 - Be grateful. People who take even just a short time at the beginning or end of each day to remind themselves what they are grateful for are more likely to experience positive feelings and persist in what they set out to do.

  • Make sure you’re well-rested

    10/15/2020 - Make sure you’re well-rested. Besides sleep, activities that promote rest include spending time in nature, relaxation exercises and mindfulness meditation. So, allow yourself enough time to rest and sleep.

  • Work on self-awareness

    10/14/2020 - Work on self-awareness. Monitor your behaviors and more-keep a journal. A recent study suggests that the more often you log the behaviors you’re trying to change, the more successful you will be.

  • Figure out what makes you tick

    10/13/2020 - Figure out what makes you tick. Whatever it is, research shows that having a strong sense of “why” behind your goals increases the probability of achieving those goals.

  • Express your feelings

    10/12/2020 - Express your feelings. Tell people you trust how you really feel.  Be honest and authentic rather than trying to please everyone and you’ll come out feeling relieved and sane.

  • Set small, realistic goals

    10/11/2020 - Set small, realistic goals. Keep the scale of your goals reasonable. Challenge yourself and aim high, of course, but be fair to yourself-and others.

  • Recharge with a workout

    10/10/2020 - Recharge with a workout. Exercise is often a mini metaphor for life’s larger challenges: We set short-term goals that build mental momentum to reach larger goals in the long term. 

  • Keep value centered

    10/9/2020 - Keep value centered. Having a moral compass—an internal set of values and ethics that you act according to increases resilience.

  • Know that you are the one who controls your fate

    10/8/2020 - Know that you are the one who controls your fate. Cultivate an internal locus of control—resist viewing circumstances as deterrents. Develop skills to take control of what you can.

  • Allow yourself to feel discouraged.

    10/7/2020 - Allow yourself to feel discouraged. Resilience isn’t about masking pain and pretending everything is peachy—you’re human, not a machine. It is isn’t how you feel in the moment, it’s that you overcome it and stand back up.

  • Learn from experience

    10/6/2020 - Learn from experience - Consider thinking about and writing down past skills and strategies that helped you cope either positively or negatively. Cross off the negative ones and let the positive skills guide your future behavior.

  • Laugh!

    10/5/2020 - Laugh! Ever heard, 'Laughter is the best medicine'? Well it really can be! Laughter decreases stress hormones, increases circulation and oxygen-intake, releases endorphins, and even has long-term benefits like improves your immune system, relieves pain, and of course improves your mood - no joke!

  • Take a break

    10/4/2020 - Take a break - Slow down; take a step back; walk away. Take a few moments to yourself. Try a breathing exercise and take 10 slow deep breaths. This is proven to alleviate stress and increase blood flow.

  • Do something for someone else.

    10/3/2020 - Do something for someone else. This is a proven strategy. Get outside of yourself and be useful to others. Not only does this take your mind off of your own problems, but it helps build self-worth by doing worthwhile acts.

  • Confide in a friend

    10/2/2020 - Confide in a friend or mental health professional. People often hold things in, let their problems build up, take too much on, or feel like they can't trust anyone. Talking about your issues is proven to be effective and being able to open up to others is an actual skill and takes practice.

  • Eat well

    10/1/2020 - Eat well - Gut-brain health is a real thing. Your gut is constantly sending signals to your brain and your food intake has huge effects on your overall mental wellbeing. Protein increases norepinephrine, dopamine, and tyrosine, which help keep you alert; omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids can improve your mood and help cognitive function.

  • Go outside!

    9/30/2020 - Go outside! Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D, which increases serotonin in your brain. You can combine any of this week’s tips with this one for double the benefit!

  • Exercise - Take a walk

    9/29/2020 - Exercise - Take a walk, go on a bike ride, take a virtual zoom class from the UTMB fieldhouse! Whichever method of exercise you prefer - get your heart rate up and get those endorphins to kick in! At least 30 minutes a day is recommended but everything counts!

  • Spend time with a furry friend

    9/28/2020 - Spend time with a furry friend. Pet therapy is proven to boost endorphins, which is why therapy dogs are often used to help treat PTSD, anxiety, and a host of other mental health issues.

  • Write down something you're grateful for

    9/27/2020 - Write down something you're grateful for. Gratitude has been linked to improved well-being, overall happiness and is a powerful tool!

  • Take care of yourself

    9/26/2020 - Take care of yourself - Pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Engage in activities that you enjoy and find relaxing. Exercise regularly. This helps you stay primed to deal with challenges.

  • Keep things in perspective

    9/25/2020 - Keep things in perspective - During stressful events, avoid blowing things out of proportion and keep a long-term perspective. Consider the broader context. For yourself and others.

  • Nurture a positive view of yourself

    9/24/2020 - Nurture a positive view of yourself - Become aware of what you are good at and take confidence in this. Be self-aware. This includes knowing your strengths. Capitalize on these. 

  • Look for Opportunities for self-discovery

    9/23/2020 - Look for Opportunities for self-discovery - People often learn something about themselves as they go through struggles and find that they have grown as a result. Try gaining a greater sense of strength even while vulnerable.

  • Take decisive actions

    9/22/2020 - Take decisive actions - We can tend to detach completely from problems when stressed wishing they would just go away. Resist this. Find something you can do and do it.

  • Make and move towards your goals

    9/21/2020 - Make and move towards your goals - Develop realistic goals and do something regularly to move towards these. You can accomplish something every day—everything counts.

  • Accept that change is a part of living

    9/20/2020 - Accept that change is a part of living - Certain goals may no longer be attainable as a result of adverse situations. Accept circumstances that can’t be changed to help you focus on those you can change.

  • Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable

    9/19/2020 - Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable - We can’t change when highly stressful events happen but we can change how we interpret them and our response. Look to the future.

  • Make connections

    9/18/2020 - Make connections - Good relationships are important(family and friends)…many groups and activities are online now so try connecting through these to find positive support and to help others.

  • Ask for Help When Needed

    9/17/2020 - Ask for Help When Needed - Many people think asking for help suggests they are weak. Research actually shows that asking for help is perceived by others as a strength—not a weakness. We can all use support now and then. 

  • Focus on Improvement

    9/16/2020 - Focus on Improvement - Change happens but you can improve how you perceive it and how you deal with it through work on self-awareness. Be open to learning about yourself—strengths as well as areas to improve—we all have both. 

  • Practice self-care

    9/15/2020 - Practice self-care - Make time for this and stick to it. Everything matters and small steps count-you don’t have to be perfect. Walk 10 minutes. Stretch once a day. Eat one balanced meal. Add one positive sleep habit to your routine.

  • Choose courage over powerlessness

    9/14/2020 - Choose courage over powerlessness - To cope and foster empathy and meaning for ourselves and others. 

  • Take Action, no matter how small

    9/12/2020 - Take Action, no matter how small - small acts may not solve your problem entirely, but they will start the psychological snowball rolling in your mind, steadily restoring your sense of agency, and rekindling that belief that what you do matters.

  • You can adapt

    9/11/2020 - You can adapt - When something changes, our mind goes into battle arguing against that change, because we’re wired to crave comfort and certainty-we can override that impulse by trusting in our innate capacity to handle change and adapt to new situations.

  • Overcome mental barriers

    9/10/2020 - Overcome mental barriers - Focus on the future and not the past when confronting changes and related anxiety. Ask yourself “In 10 years, how will I want to remember dealing with this?”

  • Focus on Solutions

    9/9/2020 - Focus on Solutions - “Become more resilient by learning to focus on solutions rather than problems.” ― Byron Pulsifer

  • Inner Strength

    9/8/2020 - Inner Strength - “Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.” ― Catherine DeVrye

  • Self-Awareness

    9/7/2020 - Self-Awareness - "Take an inventory of the things that no longer serve your best and highest good so you can replace them with things which do.” ― Susan C. Young

  • Gratitude

    9/6/2020 - Gratitude - “It's a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.” ― Germany Kent

  • See Opportunity

    9/5/2020 - See Opportunity - “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller

  • Flexibility

    9/4/2020 - Flexibility - “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” – Anthony Robbins

  • Act

    9/3/2020 - Act - “Forget mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you are going to do right now, and do it. Today is your lucky day.” – Will Durant

  • Courage

    9/2/2020 - Courage - “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

  • Positivity

    9/1/2020 - Positivity - “Resilience isn’t a single skill. It’s a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. To bounce back from bumps in the road as well as failures, you should focus on emphasizing the positive.” – Jean Chatzky

  • When you are pulled into something

    8/27/2020 - When you are pulled into something or asked for your time or opinion unexpectedly, create a brief buffer to re-focus: for example, reply: “yes—please give me a few minutes to get to a place where I can fully listen to you.”

  • Think about what you want to happen

    8/26/2020 - Think about what you want to happen in every important interaction or meeting today—and how you can and will influence the best possible outcome.

  • Recognize that everyone is on edge

    8/25/2020 - Recognize that everyone is on edge, and disengage from unproductive conflict—which can be easy to fall into, take a breath and center yourself before you respond. Negativity can seem contagious, don’t catch it.

  • Escalate your perspective to see the big picture

    8/24/2020 - Escalate your perspective to see the big picture: anticipate changes; identify roadblocks or likely points of friction in advance; make sure you are focused on the important not just the urgent.

  • Create a quiet place where you can focus

    8/22/2020 - Create a quiet place where you can focus and that can serve as your self-centering command center. A breakroom, one of the Zen tents, even the bathroom mirror for a few minutes. Do this at home and work.

  • Commit to physical activity

    8/21/2020 - Commit to physical activity to burn off excess jet fuel (continuous stress). Take a walk, do Zumba or Tabata virtually through the fieldhouse, stretch using resources from the RISE website.

  • Take “A Tip from the Lip”

    8/20/2020 - Take “A Tip from the Lip” today - Show a little kindness today to brighten someone’s day, everyone can use some

  • Take a tip from Navy Seals

    8/19/2020 - Take a tip from Navy Seals today and focus on breathing - Teaching recruits to monitor their breathing helped increase Navy SEAL passing rates from 25 to 33 percent.

  • Take a moment today

    8/18/2020 - Take a moment today - to think positive thoughts, to free your mind, to heal your body and to rekindle your soul (Thanks again to Dr. Monique Ferguson, Internal Medicine for this tip!! You are inspiring)

  • Avoid negative self-talk today

    8/17/2020 - Avoid negative self-talk today--aim for realistic thinking instead, tell yourself ‘this is really hard, and this is going to feel like a challenge maybe for the next six months to 12 months, I’m not fully sure I have the answers for how I’m going to get through this, but I’m going to do my best every single day.”

  • Back to gratitude

    8/16/2020 - Back to gratitude—have some today. As simple as it sounds, a regular daily gratitude practice is clinically associated with changes in our neurochemistry — reduction of anxiety, reduction of depression, enhanced relationships and enhanced overall quality of life, no matter what you’re going through.

  • Set a short term goal today

    8/15/2020 - Set a short term goal today - get enough sleep or eat well or make a plan to learn a new skill.  Share that you’re doing it, by declaring it, science tells us we’re more likely to succeed.

  • Begin to create a routine today

    8/14/2020 - Begin to create a routine today - making a plan can lift us out of a mental space of fear and anxiety, by no means does that solve every problem that we’re facing, but it can help to give us some control over something that in other ways is so out of our control. 

  • focus on one thing at a time

    8/12/2020 - As much as possible today, focus on one thing at a time. Prioritize working on the things you actually have some control over. Worrying about things you can’t change wastes energy and doesn’t change the outcome of the situation.

  • Seek out 3 good things

    8/11/2020 - Seek out 3 good things today to help balance out the negative. Celebrate successes (even tiny wins) throughout your day. 

  • T-ake a Breath today

    8/10/2020 - T-ake a Breath today--- Intentional deep breathing helps to restore balance and clear the mind of panic and worry. During your day, remind yourself to slow down, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat as needed. 

  • S-eek Support today

    8/9/2020 - S-eek Support today— Often when we are anxious we may feel a tendency to isolate. Relationships with others gives us a sense of perspective, reminds us that we are not alone in the world, and helps to support our mood. Reach out to friends, loved ones, neighbors, or other supportive persons.

  • A-void unreliable information today

    8/8/2020 - A-void unreliable information today -- Sometimes when we are nervous or uncertain, we may find ourselves repeatedly checking the news, going into a “Google spiral,” or getting information from questionable sources. Set a self-care limit for yourself of only checking the news once or twice a day and only going to reliable information sources

  • F-ocus on what you can control today

    8/7/2020 - F-ocus on what you can control today. Remind yourself: There are things you can do to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community: stay home if you are sick, frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and get enough sleep.

  • Be respectful today

    8/6/2020 - Be respectful today - choose to speak well of your colleagues, take the high road and they will likely extend the same respect to you. We are all a work in progress. 

  • Don’t take it personally today

    8/5/2020 - Don’t take it personally today - if you experience unkindness from someone, remind yourself that they likely have something going on that has nothing to do with you. 

  • Explore transmutation today

    8/4/2020 - Explore transmutation today - use your ability to transmute negative feelings into positive ones and do this regularly.

  • Release tension positively today

    8/3/2020 - Release tension positively today - don’t stifle your emotions, express them through writing, drawing or talking.

  • Learn a lesson today

    8/1/2020 - Learn a lesson today - When a tough situation arises, don’t focus on who is to blame. Let go of asking “Why me?” Ask yourself what you could do differently to have a better result.

  • Aim to stay flexible

    7/31/2020 - Aim to stay flexible today - situations or people may prove challenging but say to yourself, “I will be flexible and adaptable.”

  • Be aware today

    7/29/2020 - Be aware today. Try, even briefly, to be in the moment fully. Notice what is going on around you with all of your senses to ground yourself in the present.

  • Do exercise for your mind today

    7/28/2020 - Do exercise for your mind today. Try watching, learning or doing something new-in your work or at home. This enriches the mind and the spirit.

  • Stay hydrated today

    7/27/2020 - Stay hydrated today. Dehydration can exacerbate symptoms of stress. Drink water throughout your day. 

  • Work on connection today

    7/26/2020 - Work on connection today. Thank someone for something they did. Offer support to someone without their asking for it. It’s good for them and you.

  • Focus on progress today

    7/25/2020 - Focus on progress today, rather than an entire long-term goal or period of time. Acknowledging even small bits of progress releases dopamine to your brain—a feel good, keep going chemical. 

  • Try out a challenge perspective

    7/24/2020 - Try out a “challenge perspective.” View a problem in front of you as challenge-an opportunity for growth. It is something happening for you, rather than to you. Look for meaning in this opportunity.

  • Limit your anxiety to actual threats

    7/23/2020 - Limit your anxiety to actual threats: Focus on what is within your power today. Accept situations that cannot be changed while doing what is within your power to stay healthy and positive.

  • Create a room for sleep

    7/21/2020 - Create a room for sleep – from the sleep experts to you: avoid bright lights and loud sounds, keep the room at a comfortable temperature, and don’t watch TV or have a computer in your bedroom.

  • Enjoy a stroll

    7/20/2020 - Enjoy a stroll. As you walk, notice your breath and the sights and sounds around you. As thoughts and worries enter your mind, note them but then return to the present.

  • Consider additional support

    7/19/2020 - Consider additional support. Sometimes short-term talk therapy or groups can help us connect and deal with stress, loss and constant change. Consider an “Off Label” session here at UTMB. 

  • Practice mindful eating

    7/18/2020 - Practice mindful eating. Be aware of taste, textures, and flavors in each bite, and listen to your body when you are hungry and full to optimize energy and help your body stay strong.

  • Take some deep breaths

    7/17/2020 - Take some deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose to a count of 4, hold for 1 second and then exhale through the mouth to a count of 5. Repeat often to center yourself in the moment.

  • Remember your good deeds

    7/16/2020 - Remember your good deeds. Give yourself credit for the good things you do for others today.

  • Stay updated but not over-saturated

    7/15/2020 - Stay updated but not over-saturated: Rely on trusted sources of information (UTMB COVID-19 updates, Galveston County Health District, CDC). Avoid over-checking the news and non-credible sources of information.

  • Take breaks

    7/14/2020 - Take breaks: Don’t skip breaks at work. At home, allow yourself to unwind and do something fun or relaxing. Resist feeling guilty. 

  • Meet Basic Needs

    7/13/2020 - Meet Basic Needs: Eat well (not too much sugar, caffeine or alcohol). Sleep well. Take care of yourself so you can stay safe and alert and take care of others. 

  • Honor your service

    7/12/2020 - Honor your service: You are part of a noble profession—take care of people in most need. Recognize yourself and your colleagues.

  • Recognize and Respect Differences

    7/11/2020 - Recognize and Respect Differences in yourself, your colleagues and your patients: Some people need to talk while others need to be alone.

  • Conduct a self check-in

    7/10/2020 - Conduct a self check-in for symptoms of depression or excessive anxiety: Seek help for prolonged sadness, difficulty sleeping, intrusive thoughts or memories and hopelessness.

  • Take a breath to center yourself and calm anxiety

    7/9/2020 - Take a breath to center yourself and calm anxiety: At the beginning of your day and throughout, take a moment to breathe deeply in and out. Say, “I am calm” or “I am strong.”

  • Practice self-compassion by being mindful

    7/8/2020 - Practice self-compassion by being mindful: At the beginning of your day, without judgment or analysis, notice what you’re feeling. Say, “This is a moment of suffering” or “This hurts” or “This is stress.”

  • Recognizing and Wellness

    7/7/2020 - Related to Recognizing and Wellness - store up the positive experiences and proud moments so you can recall them and counter the constant or emergent stress we face. These become part of our coping skills. Don’t be afraid to share them.

  • Related to Efficacy and Dialogue

    7/6/2020 - Related to Efficacy and Dialogue - Learn the basics of conflict management. Tensions may overflow during stressful times. Consider improving skills in communication and early de-escalation—for you and others. Don’t take everything personally, recognize anxiety is the root of conflict. Contact Dr. Tammy Cupit, for more training related to this.

  • D=Dialogue

    7/5/2020 - D=Dialogue. Now is the time to heighten dialogue with each other—our teams, leaders, friends and loved ones. Broadening and deepening relationships is one of the most crucial resilience factors. 

  • E=Efficacy

    7/4/2020 - E=Efficacy. Boost your efficacy (task-specific self-confidence). We all enjoy doing what we are good at. Right now, we will need to learn new skills. The more we learn and do, the better our efficacy. We can come out of this more skilled and confident. Take on learning a new task with the knowledge that you are becoming more resilient.

  • R=Recognize

    7/3/2020 - R=Recognize what is working and what you are proud of, about your team, your organization, your family, friends and yourself. Write it down. Say it out loud. 

  • I=Input

    7/2/2020 - I=Input. Learn about yourself, particularly your stressors. Seek input from others on this and be open to hearing it. We all experience stress. The more you learn about your stressors the more you can work on increasing both actual and perceived control. 

  • W=Wellness

    7/1/2020 - W=Wellness. Take care of yourself! Do not neglect self-care of the mind, body and spirit. Visit the website UTMB RISE website and do one thing for yourself each day.

  • Drop your shoulders

    6/30/2020 - Focus on BODY - Drop your shoulders.If your body is tense, there’s a good chance your posture will suffer. Sit up tall, take a deep breath, and drop your shoulders, focus on bringing your shoulder blades together and then down. Take a few deep breaths.

  • Consider a centering object

    6/29/2020 - Focus on MIND - Consider a centering object. When you’re anxious or angry, energy is being spent on irrational thoughts. When you’re calm, find a “centering object” such as a polished rock, etc. Touch this object when you’re experiencing anxiety or frustration to center and calm your thoughts.

  • Make your food gorgeous

    6/28/2020 - Focus on BODY - Make your food gorgeous :) Eating healthier starts with making healthy food more appetizing and worthy of display. We typically eat more of what we can see, but if it looks good, it can be one less barrier to making healthy happen.

  • Try yoga on YouTube

    6/27/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Try yoga on YouTube. It is taught at all different levels and can help lower stress, boost the immune system, and lower blood pressure as well as reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.

  • Think positively

    6/26/2020 - Focus on MIND - View things in your life in a positive manner today. Eliminate negativity and re-frame how you think of certain things and situations, you’ll notice yourself being more relaxed.

  • Quality of Sleep

    6/25/2020 - Focus on BODY - Quality of Sleep can be a measure of our stress and can impact immunity. Make sure your sleep area is cool and dark and try to refrain from phone, tablet or computer usage before bed.

  • Get your feelings out

    6/24/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Get your feelings out. Stress and uncertainty can make us feel scattered and lose focus. Take time to write down or record your feelings to think clearly and move forward.

  • Self-reflect today

    6/23/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Self-reflect today for personal growth. Consider a journal to become aware of thoughts that float around in your head. Create space for being open and kind.

  • Quiet the mind at some point today

    6/22/2020 - Focus on MIND - Quiet the mind at some point today to reduce your stress. Take a moment before bed to write your thoughts on paper or try a brief meditation before work.

  • Make at least one healthy food choice today

    6/21/2020 - Focus on BODY - Make at least one healthy food choice today. Eat a smaller portion or a balanced meal or snack with protein, carbohydrates and fat. Be proud of yourself for these small steps.

  • Laugh today

    6/20/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Laugh today. It's good for body, mind and spirit. Even the small act of smiling can prompt your brain to get ready to release those feel good hormones.

  • Read or learn something new today

    6/19/2020 - Focus on MIND - Read or learn something new today. An article, a book chapter, a TED talk. Open your mind to new possibilities, beliefs and interests.

  • Avoid sitting for prolonged periods today

    6/18/2020 - Focus on BODY - Avoid sitting for prolonged periods today. Stand or move around every hour. Do a stretch found on the UTMB RISE website. Too much sitting is linked to a shortened life span.

  • Revisit being grateful today

    6/17/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Revisit being grateful today. Send a note, text or email to someone unsuspecting whom you are grateful for. Make their day...and yours.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 8

    6/16/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Forgive someone even if you think your feelings are justified. It’s good for you and them.

  • Focus on MIND 6

    6/15/2020 - Focus on MIND - Resist the urge to argue, defend or prove you are right today. Listen to really hear.

  • Focus on BODY 6

    6/14/2020 - Focus on BODY - Today - Follow a no-eating rule three hours before bedtime. See how you sleep.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 7

    6/13/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Go on a strict thought fast and focus on nothing but the present today. One moment at a time.

  • Focus on MIND 5

    6/12/2020 - Focus on MIND - Say a mantra like “I will remain positive” or an encouraging phrase of your choice. Use it every time you feel angry or irritated today.

  • Focus on BODY 5

    6/11/2020 - Focus on BODY - Introduce foods of different colors in your meals today. Aim for at least five different shades.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 6

    6/10/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Create a playlist of music that inspires you and moves your spirit. Listen to nothing but the tracks in this list for today.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 5

    6/9/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Listen to the UTMB Daily Anchor podcast or view Dr. Cara Geary’s 4 minute video on wellness at the UTMB RISE website.

  • Focus on MIND 4

    6/8/2020 - Focus on MIND - Reduce Stigma. Become aware of your own potential biases. Work on verbal and non-verbal communication to diplomatically counter signs of this. Set a good example. 

  • Focus on BODY 4

    6/7/2020 - Focus on BODY - Take a break from cooking! Order take-out AND still stay healthy. How? Nix sugary drinks, watch fried food and limit portions. Many meals are large enough to serve two. More tips on how in the RISE Body resources section.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 4

    6/6/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Read a favorite poem or discover a new one to uplift the soul and reframe your mind and body for having a positive, thoughtful day. Looking for a poem? See the RISE website with a link for poems to uplift the soul.

  • Focus on MIND 3

    6/5/2020 - Focus on MIND - Limit your media exposure today-TV news and social media. Give your brain a break from negativity. Set a reasonable limit for yourself so you can balance being informed with being overwhelmed.

  • Focus on BODY 3

    6/4/2020 - Focus on BODY - Stretch your upper back and shoulders. We all carry a lot of tension there. See the short video on the UTMB RISE website showing exactly how to do this courtesy of UTMB Rehabilitation Services-Tyler and Jeremias.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 4

    6/3/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Practice 10 minutes of active gratitude. Split it up between the morning and evening. Look for three things or people or situations that you are grateful for. Want to feel extra good? Say it out loud.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 3

    6/2/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - In a bad mood? Put on some happy tunes, sing and dance. Laugh at yourself, make someone else laugh.

  • Focus on MIND 2

    6/1/2020 - Focus on MIND - Work on your memory. Connecting important information, such as names, to visual cues can help you remember. Remembering someone’s name is a great way to make a lasting first impression.

  • Focus on BODY 2

    5/31/2020 - Focus on BODY - Do a commercial or work break work-out. For every commercial or work break, mix up a combination of planks, squat jumps, tricep dips, push-ups, mountain climbers, hip bridges and crunches.

  • Focus on SPIRIT 2

    5/30/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Make an effort to be mindful, live in the moment, and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. When interacting with others, give your full attention.

  • Focus on MIND

    5/29/2020 - Focus on MIND - Challenge yourself to see more than one side of an issue. Things are rarely black and white. Empathy becomes easier when we do this.

  • Focus on BODY

    5/28/2020 - Focus on BODY - Make it convenient to make healthy choices. Keep pre-portioned healthy snacks in your office, breakroom and home. When it’s easy to eat right, you are more likely to do it.

  • Focus on SPIRIT

    5/27/2020 - Focus on SPIRIT - Look for similarities rather than differences in others, this helps make connections. We all have far more similarities than differences. We all basically want the same things and have the same needs.

  • Focus on nutrition

    5/24/2020 - Focus on nutrition. Commit to do one or all of these one day or meal a week. Eat slowly, avoid distraction during meals and listen to your internal signals of hunger and fullness to avoid overeating.

  • Find Your Center Today

    5/23/2020 - Find Your Center Today. Commit to being mindful today. Consider a period of deep breathing, a moment of progressive relaxation or view a video from the RISE website by our own mindfulness experts here at UTMB.

  • Actively practice gratitude

    5/22/2020 - Actively practice gratitude. Commit to send three texts, letters or messages of gratitude this week. It's good for both you and the person you're recognizing.

  • Do something for your physical fitness today

    5/21/2020 - Do something for your physical fitness today. Take the stairs, do a stretch from the RISE website, try a virtual workout offered through the UTMB fieldhouse. You are a hero--take care of yourself, we need you.

  • Make time for your hobbies

    5/20/2020 - Make time for your hobbies or learn a new one. Having interests outside of work and/or school is important to decompressing and refocusing thoughts and energy. Make a list of something you've wanted to learn and do it--a little at a time.

  • Learn the Power of Forgiveness

    5/19/2020 - Learn the Power of Forgiveness. Anxiety can cause us to feel threatened and say or do things we regret. If someone's hurts you it’s hard to forget, but in the end holding on to anger only continues to hurt yourself. Have a crucial conversation and then feel the freedom in forgiving.

  • Share Your Story

    5/18/2020 - Share Your Story. Sharing a story or anecdote or tip not only helps you relieve stress but it also helps others both learn from you and have their own feelings validated. Share with us by emailing your written or video stories, poems, songs, etc.

  • Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable Today

    5/17/2020 - Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable Today. Adversity has always been part of our journey since the very beginning. Some of the greatest moments of our journeys, our most significant lessons learned, our moments of growth, and many of our successes have been the result of how we learned to manage adversity.

  • Help Someone Today

    5/16/2020 - Help Someone Today. It’s good for you and them—emotionally and for your immune system. Maya Angelou said you have two hands, one for helping yourself and one for helping others.

  • Watch Out for All or Nothing Thinking

    5/15/2020 - Watch Out for All or Nothing Thinking. Instead of thinking about your problems in all or nothing extremes, evaluate them on a scale of 0-100. When things don’t work out as well as you hoped, think about the experience as a partial success rather than a total failure. Learn from the situation.

  • Get Outside Today

    5/14/2020 - Get Outside Today. Nature and sunshine are good for the nervous system. Sit in the sun for 10 minutes. Watch the moon rise. Open a window. Bring flowers inside if you can’t get out.

  • Move Your Body Today

    5/13/2020 - Move Your Body Today. Shift out of your head and into your body to feel more grounded. Take a 10 minute walk. Take the stairs. Do 5 push-ups. Massage the tension out of your neck and back.

  • Check in on or with Someone Today

    5/12/2020 - Check in on or with Someone Today. Maintain social solidarity while maintaining physical distancing. It activates the biology of resilience.

  • Reframe Stress

    5/11/2020 - Reframe Stress. Choose to view your stress response as helpful, by doing so, you create the biology of courage.

  • Check in with your assigned leaders

    5/10/2020 - Check in with your assigned leaders. Ask them how they are doing and that you appreciate their hard work and efforts in keeping your team together.

  • Get your family involved

    5/9/2020 - Get your family involved. Have your children draw pictures and write thank-you notes to their favorite UTMB department.

  • Say thank-you

    5/7/2020 - Say thank-you. Acknowledge a team or department that has stepped up during this COVID-19 time. Let them know you appreciate their hard work.

  • At home, start a gratitude jar for your family

    5/6/2020 - At home, start a gratitude jar for your family. Have slips of papers and a pen or pencil attached to a large jar and have every member write something they appreciate about every member of their family. Each member has to submit one per week for each member of the family. On special occasions, read the slips of paper to the family.

  • Create, Cultivate or Invite in Beauty Today

    5/4/2020 - Create, Cultivate or Invite in Beauty Today: It’s a powerful antidote to despair and it gives us agency and power. Write, draw, dream, sing and share some form of beauty today.

  • Identify Gratitude Today

    5/1/2020 - Identify Gratitude Today: Take 2 minutes to note what you are thankful for today as a team or on your own. Share this and remind yourself throughout the day.

  • Try a Day or a Moment of Meditation

    4/30/2020 - Try a Day or a Moment of Meditation: Find peace of mind in the midst of turmoil and help foster hope and optimism.