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CREATE-NEO: Opportunities

The CREID Network Pilot Research Program supports, trains and mentors the next generation of emerging infectious disease researchers. CREATE-NEO is preparing for the next round of applications due for submission in January 2024. Interested applications should submit a white paper to CREATE-NEO by September 15, 2023. Please see guidance and eligibility criteria:

 Call for Applications, CREID Pilot Research Program

The Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Disease (CREID) is a coordinated network with centers in regions around the globe where emerging and re-emerging infectious disease outbreaks are likely to occur. Multidisciplinary teams of investigators will conduct pathogen/host surveillance, study pathogen transmission, pathogenesis and immunologic responses in the host, and will develop reagents and diagnostic assays for improved detection for important emerging pathogens and their vectors.

NIAID launched the CREID Network in 2020.This website is run by CREATE-NEO, a member of the CREID Network independent of NIH/NIAID.