Newly Funded

Rong Fang, MD, PhD: NIAID R21, “Mechanisms of Cytosolic Clearance of Rickettsiae”
Bruno Travi, DVM, PhD: Department of Defense, “A novel field-deployable point-of-care diagnostic test for cutaneous leishmaniasis”
Gustavo Valbuena, MD, PhD and Barry Rockx, PhD: NIAID R21, “Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Nipah Virus Pathogenesis”
Peter Melby, MD: NIAID R21, “Malnutrition-related Lymph Node Dysfunction and Risk of Visceral Leishmaniasis”

Evans Amukoye, MB.ChB, M.Med, KEMRI, Nairobi, Kenya: TB Alliance, “Shortening Treatment by Advancing Novel Drugs”
Evans Amukoye, MB.ChB, M.Med, KEMRI, Nairobi, Kenya: GSK, “Safety and antiviral activity of dolutegravir compared to lopinavir/ritonavir both administered with dual NRTI therapy in HIV-1 infected adult subjects with treatment failure on first line therapy.”
José Ramos-Castañeda, PhD, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Centro de Investigaciones sobre Enfermedades Infecciosas: Sanofi-Pasteur Global Epidemiology Grant, “Seroprevalence, neutralizing titers and incidence of dengue on an endemic population”

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