Research Projects

Current Scholarly Projects

The UTMB Department of Dermatology requires that each resident complete a scholarly project during their residency.

Chinelo Ikpeama, MD

Why Dermatology?

The nation’s current dermatology residents will be surveyed on their major reasons for choosing dermatology as a specialty.
Faculty mentor: Michael G. Wilkerson, MD

Lindy S. Ross, MD

Clinical implications of Immunohistochemistry in Sebaceous Neoplasms Suggestive of Muir Torre Syndrome

A retrospective case series of all the cases of biopsy proven sebaceous neoplasm (sebaceous adenoma, sebaceoma, sebaceous carcinoma, and BCC with sebaceous differentiation) at UTMB from 2008 to present. Immunohistochemistry will be reviewed for all cases of sebaceous neoplasms. Patient's with sebaceous neoplasms will have chart review done to see if they meet diagnostic criteria for Muir Torre syndrome and then to see what was done clinically after they were diagnosed with a sebaceous neoplasm. This study aims to further understand what the implications of reflexive immunohistochemistry on all sebaceous neoplasms means clinically as well as to determine whether all patients with abnormal immunohistochemistry are practically being further worked up for Muir Torre syndrome.
Faculty Mentor: Brent C. Kelly, MD

Adrian P. Subrt, MD

Improving Atopic Dermatitis Patient Compliance and Treatment Response with a Treatment Checklist

Attempting to determine the change in patient compliance and treatment response after providing written instructions with a pre-typed checklist with various therapeutic options and having the patient and their parent/guardian watch a video with treatment instructions.
Faculty mentor: TBA

William E. Tausend, MD

Aerosolized Sunscreen Application in Galveston Beachgoers

A study to assess how aerosolized sunscreen is applied and determine whether or not adequate amounts are being used by people going to the beach in Galveston, Texas.
Faculty mentors: Bernard R. Gibson, MD and Richard F. Wagner, Jr., MD, JD