Message from the President

Dr. David Callendar

"Diversity is a core value for us and I think what that represents more than anything else is the long time understanding that UTMB is more effective when people with all perspectives and backgrounds come together and are involved in charting the course for the future."
- David Callender, M.D.

The University has a time-honored history of leading and supporting initiatives and practices which not only highlight our commitment to diversity, but the necessity of diversity and inclusion to the University's character and success. The reconstitution of the diversity council demonstrated the University's commitment to diversity and inclusion in a tangible way. A fully committed and active Diversity Council will enable us to continue to promote a culture in which diversity and inclusion is woven into all we do: in our courses, in our research and in the type of individuals we select as our students, faculty and staff. This commitment is rooted in the understanding that we chart the best course for the future by harnessing a diversity of views, ideas and perspectives.

Executive Sponsorship

Danny O. Jacobs, MD, MPH
Executive Vice President and Provost and Dean, School of Medicine

Donna K. Sollenberger, MA
Executive Vice President and CEO, UTMB Health System