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1949 Letter to Nueces County Letter February 9, 1949 to the County of  Nueces about the "Mexican Ward"
"We desegregated hospitals and swimming pools and schools all over South Texas," recalled Tony Canales, Dr. Garcia’s nephew and a former United States Attorney. Segregation in hospitals was especially repellent to Garcia. The forum called for the appointments of Mexican Americans to the State Board of Health and the Hospital Council Advisory Board.





Look magazine article: "Texas' Forgotten People"
Texas' forgotten people
Dr. Garcia had an intense concern for the health and welfare of thousands of residents of unincorporated "colonias" that line the Texas border. Many of the poor people in South Texas came to Dr. Garcia for his help when no one else would. He spoke often about the dangerous living conditions and lack of medical care available.






An article from Dallas Morning News, June 3, 1990

Doctor and Colonias - Article from Dallas Morning News, June 3, 1990
Dr. Garcia never stopped fighting for la gente when he felt they were victimized and needed someone to speak for them. Dr. Garcia often spoke of the lack of Mexican American physicians, medical care available in rural areas and research related to Mexican Americans.







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