EAC Officers

Beth Schilling

Beth Schilling (AE - Research Services) - EAC Chair

The EAC Chair is required to:

  • Sets the agenda and presides at all meetings of the Council;
  • Chairs the Executive Committee;
  • Ensures the order of business is carried out unless the order of business is altered by an action approved in the meeting. Order of business includes: 1) call the meeting to order; 2) approval of previous meeting’s minutes; 3) committee reports; 4) unfinished business; 5) new business; 6) miscellaneous (comments, announcements, tributes, etc.); 7) adjournment;
  • Contacts EAC members after two absences;
  • Refers all matters submitted for the EAC’s attention to the appropriate committee(s) and/or to the Consultant;
  • Serves as ex-officio member of all EAC committees;
  • Attends UTMB events, when possible, and meetings as requested by the Office of the President.


Kathryn Davis

Kathryn Davis - (Hospitals & Clinics - Ambulatory) EAC Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair is required to:

  • Preside over the Council in the absence of the Chair
  • Assist the Chair in performing leadership responsibilities
  • Call a meeting of any committee that is not fulfilling its responsibilities
  • Serve as parliamentary authority; make sure rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order govern the Council and its committees.
Tilly Clark

Tilly Clark - EAC Consultant

The Consultant is required to:

  • Attend and participate in meetings; schedule meeting dates; secure locations for each meeting; send out notification to members; open meeting with Skype for remote members;  record EAC members’ attendance; and advise the EAC Chair of any member who has two absences;
  • Facilitate the group’s success; develop EAC scorecard to annual goals; provide institutional perspective and linkage to existing processes and protocols;
  • Serve as a member representing EAC on institutional committees, as appointed or requested by the Office of the President;
  • Record meeting minutes and manage files for retention on EAC ShareDrive;
  • Respond to concerns, issues, and recommendations submitted to the EAC Inbox and triage concerns and questions to appropriate leaders;
  • Maintain the budget aspects of the EAC;
  • Manage/update EAC website/blog;
  • Create, and distribute each year, immediately following appointments, a list of Council committees, and a roster of the membership and contact information;
  • Maintain and update a calendar of events relevant to the EAC for the coming year; facilitate EAC attendance at events and meetings; and promote EAC services to employees, including site visits to off campus locations;
  • Lead, coordinate, and assist in the development and execution of employee recognition events;
  • Prepare a written annual report of the past year’s activities and progress, making it available to all members of the EAC prior to the August meeting;
  • Serve as liaison to the President of UTMB, keeping the President informed regarding concerns of the Council and seeking the President’s support and advice, on behalf of the EAC.
  • Partner with Human Resources to advance people, programs and initiatives.

Philesha Evans - EAC HR Advisor

The Advisor is required to:

  • Attend and participate in meetings;
  • Facilitate the group's success;
  • Provide institutional perspective and linkage to existing processes and protocols.