Verify an Employee's Fit Test Status

If the below report does not populate or you get notification that you do not have permission, send an email to


  1. Search for employee last name.  Click the last name.
  2. If necessary, search by first name.  Click the first name.
  3. Verify UTMB ID number listed is correct.
  4. Fit test date and N-95 model/size they were fit tested for will show on the right hand side.

If no data populates after searching, then the employee does not have a current N-95 fit test.

Ensuring the safety and health of UTMB staff and students is UTMB leaderships' top priority.  In accordance with recent guidance published by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), in an effort to ensure the availability and accessibility of respiratory protection to healthcare workers involved in the COVID-19 outbreak, UTMB is temporarily suspending the requirement for annual fit testing of N95 respirators.  Anyone fit tested for an N95 within the past three years is considered to have a valid fit test.  Employees must wear the N95 that they had previously been fit tested for.