Team Contact Information

Jack Tarpley, MS, CFI, CHMM

Associate Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety

Office 409.747.0515

Chuck Carlisle, MS, CIH, CSP, CHMM, CHFM, CHC

Program Director, Fire and Life Safety

Office 409.747.0514

Herbert Franklin

EHS Fire Marshal

Cell 409.370.9386

Billy McBride

Safety Technician

Office 409.747.0518

Brandon Metting,  
Safety Specialist Cell 409.750.0278
Brent Sparks, CSP, CFI-I Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention Specialist Cell 512.587.7092

Jeff Pucciarello

EHS Fire Marshal

Cell 409.682.0594

Jennifer Riveira, MPH, CSP, CHFM, CFI-I

EHS Consultant 

Cell 832.567.3288

Todd Perry, CSP, CHMM, CFI-I, CHC

EHS Consultant

Cell 409.682.1789

Mike Puccetti

Safety Specialist

Cell 409.370.2151

Alfio Tropea

Safety Specialist

Office 409.747.0510

Corey Wilhite, CFI-I, CET Safety Technician Cell 713.494.1078

Victoria Castillo

Business Coordinator

Office 409.747.0515

Mario Soares, DrPH, MPH, CBSP, RBP

EHS Consultant

Office 409.747.0516
Cell 281.740.6983

Joe Lloreda   EHS Fire Marshal   Cell 409.682.0594
Timothy Read, PhD, CSP, EIT  Sr. Safety Specialist Office 409.747.0511 
Cell 307.214.8629