Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Program ensures UTMB is in compliance with regulations and recommendations for the use of radioactive materials, X-rays, other radiation devices and lasers. The program supports the Radiation Safety Committee, Radioactive Drug Research Committee, Laser Safety Subcommittee and has representation on the General Safety Committee and subcommittees of the Environment of Care. 

To view the Radiation Safety Service Level Agreement, click on the link below. 

     Service Level Agreement
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Phone: 409.772.2279
On-campus ext. 22279


Radiation Safety provides radiation safety services to all of UTMB. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Leak tests sealed radioactive sources.
  • Wipe test laboratories where radioactive materials are used.
  • Receives and inspects incoming packages containing radioactive materials.
  • Assists faculty in preparing applications for Radioactive Materials Use Permits, Laser Registrations, and Laser Use Permits.
  • Performs bioassays.
  • Administers the personnel radiation dosimetry program.
  • Calibrates radiation survey instruments.
  • Approves orders for radioactive materials.
  • Develops and delivers radiation and laser safety training.
  • Oversees packaging, labeling, and documentation for shipping radioactive material off campus.
  • Provides safety oversite of the use of radiation producing machines and lasers.
  • Registering of radiation producing devices with TDSHS
  • Facility evaluations for shielding
  • Performs mandatory audits for radioactive materials, x-rays and lasers
  • Provides consultation, inspection and evaluation services concerning Radiation Safety