ARCHIVE: 2018 Updates at a Glance

Apr 25, 2018, 14:18 PM by Emergency Plan Group

The updated UTMB Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) was approved by the Institutional Safety and Security Executive Committee on Dec. 21, 2017. The committee, chaired by UTMB’s president, Dr. David Callender, based updates on the annual program review. Key changes include:

  • UTMB adopted the language from Joint Commission “Integrated Emergency Management Program” to convey that the EOP is institutional in scope and applies to all campuses and locations.
  • The EOP now includes a process for requesting an ‘1135 Waiver’.
  • The ‘Scope’ section of the plan now refers to the inclusion of UTMB Continuity Plans which includes a Succession and Delegation of Authority Plan.
  • The Emergency Communications Plan is now incorporated by reference into the EOP.
  • Emergency training is now required for ALL STAFF (in accordance with new CMS/Joint Commission rules and standards).

The calendar year 2018 Preparedness Program was also approved at that time.