“We stop for no storm.”

The University of Texas stops for no storm...

The University of Texas Medical Branch and its employees have braved many disasters - from the 1900 storm and the Texas City Disasters of 1947 to Hurricanes Carla in 1961, Alicia in 1983, Ike in 2008 and Harvey in 2017. In order to maintain our status as one of the leading health care institutions in the nation, we must continue to prepare for such and other potential disasters.

The Gulf Coast's vulnerability to natural disasters, coupled with the threat of homeland terrorism in the United States since 9/11, make it more essential than ever for UTMB to ensure that plans are in place, tested true and viable should situations develop - whether man-made or natural.

Therefore, in response to these challenges UTMB has established a Business Continuity Planning program.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the process of developing advance arrangements and procedures that enable UTMB to respond to an interruption in such a manner that critical business functions continue with planned levels of interruption or essential change. In simpler terms, BCP is the strategic act of planning a method to prevent, if possible, and to minimize and manage the consequences of an event that interrupts critical business processes.

UTMB Policy 2.1.5 states that all departments must have a Business Continuity Management (BCM) Plan and ensure that all employees are familiar with their individual roles and responsibilities.

An effective Business Continuity Plan should address the following areas:

  1. Mission Critical Activities
  2. Risk Analysis/Business Impact Analysis
  3. Back-up, Recovery and Resumption Strategies (for those mission critical activities)
  4. Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
  5. Back-up Facilities
  6. Back-up Equipment
  7. Information Technology (IT) Systems
  8. Paper and/or Non-electronic Records
  9. Key Staff
  10. Emergency Contact Numbers
  11. Critical Supplies
  12. Critical Vendor
  13. Training
  14. Testing
  15. Maintenance
  16. Loss of Work Space/Alternate Sites


If you would like a sample BCP or assistance in building an effective BCP please contact Diocelina Mann or Juan Artigas at dimann@utmb.edu and juartiga@utmb.edu (respectively).