Military and Family Life-Counseling (MFL-C)

  • The MFL-C  provides  counseling services delivered to individuals, couples and the family  of active, retiree and veterans of the uniformed military services to address relationships, crisis intervention, stress management, grief after loss, occupational/ academic and other individual and family issues requiring problem solving assistance.

  •  Types of counseling topics include, but are not limited to

Confidentiality Statement:

Confidentiality and privacy are of great concern for those who are serving or have served in the military related to mental health services and ongoing life transition issues.

These issues can include concerns regarding emotional well-being, finances, child and eldercare needs, as well as other issues affecting you and your family.

Conversations are to remain confidential between you and the MFL-C provider so far as the law will permit. This means that the conversation is private and will not be disclosed to a third person unless (1) you give consent to do so, (2) the disclosure is in furtherance of the professional service provided to you, or (3) is otherwise required by law.

With respect to disclosures required by law, in some instances, MFL-C provider may be required to provide reportable information to the appropriate authorities regardless of whether you consent or not to the disclosure.

This reportable information includes concerns about your safety, the safety of others, and any evidence of spouse or child abuse.

Our communications, although private, are not privileged or protected against disclosure in these situations and, if you are an active military member, I may be required to disclose what we talk about. This requirement applied to the information outlined above.

Service members are eligible for “sexual assault restricted reporting” if the allegation concerns a sexual assault made against them.  Military dependents are not covered by this restricted reporting.  Restricted reporting may only be received by a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), a designated Victim Advocate (VA) assigned to assist the individual making the report, or a health care provider .  Service members and adult military dependents are also eligible for “restricted reporting for incidents of domestic abuse.”  For the purposes of this restricted reporting, “domestic abuse” means violence or a pattern of behavior resulting in emotional/psychological abuse, economic control, and/or interference with personal liberty that is directed toward a person of the opposite sex who is either a current or former spouse; a person with whom the individual shares a child in common; or a current or former intimate partner with whom the individual shares or has shared a common domicile.  As with allegations of sexual assault, a restricted report of domestic abuse must be received by a VA; a healthcare provider, or the supervisor of a VA.




MFL-C visit: all conversations are private and confidential, with the noted exceptions listed above. The MFL-C records are neither part of university academic records nor part of general university medical records (i.e., ER visits, in-patient and out-patient records). MFL-C records are destroyed 10 years after your last contact with the program.


Old Red

We are proudly located in the historic Ashbel Smith Building, affectionately known as 'Old Red'.

Second Floor, Room 2.210

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