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UTMB and each of its component schools will not use an applicant’s performance on a standardized test in the admissions or competitive scholarship process as the sole criterion for consideration or as the primary criterion to end consideration of the applicant. If an applicant’s performance on a standardized test is used in the admission or competitive scholarship process, the applicant’s performance must also be used to compare the applicant’s test score with those of other applicants from similar socioeconomic backgrounds to the extent that those backgrounds can be properly determined.

In addition, no weights will be assigned to any one factor considered in the admissions or competitive scholarship process for these programs. The University and its component schools may consider any or all of the following factors in making admissions and competitive scholarship decisions: socioeconomic background while in undergraduate school; an applicant’s academic record as a high school student and undergraduate student; if an applicant would be the first of his/her family to graduate from a graduate or professional program; multilingual proficiency; while as an undergraduate, applicant was employed, helped to raise children, or experienced other similar factors; region of residence during application; community involvement; commitment to a particular field of study; the comparative availability of members of that profession in the applicant’s region of residence; applicant was automatically admitted to a general academic teaching institution as an undergraduate student; and, a personal interview.

As authorized by the Board of Regents, UTMB has added race and ethnicity to the broad range of criteria considered for student admission and for awarding of scholarships and fellowships beginning with the academic year 2006–2007.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the school or program for additional and specific criteria for admissions. For questions, please contact Enrollment Services at (409) 772-1215.


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