Ensures that UTMB complies with all federal and state regulations for biological materials. Services include, but are not limited to: Liaison to the Institutional Biosafety Committee for review and approval to work with biological agents and chemicals, chemical fume hood and biological safety cabinet certifications, Laboratory Biosafety Training Program, evaluating laboratories to ensure safety policies and procedures are being followed, and administrative support for the UTMB, HHS & USDA Select Agent Compliance Program.

Environmental Protection Management

Ensures regulatory compliance with all local, state and federal environmental laws, including: hazardous waste, medical waste, radioactive waste, air pollution emissions from industrial operations, underground storage tanks, storm water runoff and waste water discharges.

 Fire & Life Safety

Responsible for Institutional compliance with fire and safety code requirements, including Life Safety Risk Assessments and implementing Interim Life Safety Measures. They also provide specification, testing and inspection of: fire alarms, suppression and sprinkler systems, fire egress pathways, fire drill requirements, fire extinguisher training and addressing specific safety concerns.

Radiation & Occupational Safety

Ensures UTMB is in compliance with regulations and recommendations for radioactive material, X-rays, other radiation devices and lasers. Services include but are not limited to providing training on radiation safety, laser safety and MRI safety for non-MRI personnel, assisting in the registration and permitting of Authorized Users, area and personnel monitoring and calibration of survey meters. and personnel monitoring and calibration of survey meters. P rovides resources and consultation related to occupational safety issues to ensure a safe work environment for UTMB employees, visitors and staff.  Services include but are not limited to chemical safety, hazard exposure monitoring (chemical, noise, etc.), hazard communication act training, respirator fit testing, and food safety inspections.  Radiation & Occupational Safety also provides support to the UTMB Radiation Safety Committee, Chemical Safety Committee and advises research programs on the safe use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and highly toxic chemicals.