Welcome to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston's Environment of Care library of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Hub. For chemicals used in Point of Care Testing (POCT), use the tabs to the left to locate the SDS for the chemical you are using.  For all other chemicals, click on the button below to enter the SDS Hub and search for your chemical.  You will log in using your UTMB username and password.  You may also view  the instructions on how to use the SDS Hub by clicking on the instructions button below.

 SDS Hub            Instruction Video

If you are not able to find the SDS for the chemical you are using, contact Environmental Health & Safety at 409-772-1781 to have the SDS added.  If it is after normal business hours and you need access to an SDC that you cannot find here, call the UTMB Operator at 409-772-1011 and ask for the EHS On-Call Employee.