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UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted) from 4:30 pm to 6 pm | Marie Hall Room, 4.622 | 4th Floor, SON/SHP Building

The UTMB Faculty Senate is an open forum and welcomes all faculty members to attend.

UTMB Senate Report Card

Issues addressed and their resolution (see minutes for further details):


5/18     The push for shared governance has led to several senators being appointed to committees.


5/18     A faculty lounge will open this summer in the Clinical Sciences Wing this summer.


5/18     The Faculty Senate buddy badge has been approved through all channels of administration.


5/18     Guests Mrs. Donna Sollenberger EVP and Chief Executive Officer, Health Systems and Mr. Tom Riley, VP and Chief Health Strategy Officer   

Mrs. Sollenberger provided a League City Campus Update.


5/18     Bylaw amendments to provide clarification or updated language were reviewed, discussed, and passed by the Senate.


4/18     Guest Dr. Joan Richardson, AE Performance Evaluation Steering Committee

Dr. Richardson presented a draft of revisions to the evaluation process and form for Faculty and Postdocs.


4/18     FCIP update provided by Dr. Carayannopoulos using slides from Dr. Jacobs Mondays in March presentation. Consultants will be evaluating the FCIP. MOAs will be limited to 6 months.


4/18    Faculty Senate to have a table at Research Day on April 30th.


3/18       Guest President Dr. David Callender

Dr. Callender provided an update on the status of UTMB.


2/18      Guest Dr. Christine Maslach

Dr. Maslach, Provost lecturer, presented on job burnout/resilience including common causes and actions that can be taken.


2/18     Resolution to create a Faculty Senate badge buddy was heard and passed.


2/18     Dr. Niesel announced that Research Day will be held on April 30th in Levin Hall.


1/18     Dr. Pine presented the idea of a Faculty Senate badge buddy which was received favorably by the senators.


1/18     Dr. Kelley Dineley provided updates on publication costs. Department chairs have discretion as whether to assist faculty with publishing costs. The research committee to develop a survey on publication costs.


1/18      SHP Faculty Retention Survey Results

Survey results shared with Dr. Jacobs as well as other factors in market competiveness for faculty.


1/18      Questions developed by Faculty Senate submitted for You Count Survey

Did you Know?

Faculty Lounges

One of the Faculty Lounges is located in room 6.612, Clinical Services Wing (CSW).  From the Jennie Sealy Lobby, take the main public elevator to the 6th floor.  Once you arrive to the 6th floor, take a left.  Make your way down the hall until you reach the Faculty Lounge, on the left side of the hallway.  It has Starbucks coffee, hot chocolate, tea bags and hot water.  Right next to the lounge is vending machines and sandwich shop. 

The other Faculty Lounge is located in the John Sealy Annex adjacent to the Café on the Court.  The room is just off the main dining room and labeled Faculty Lounge and accessible for Faculty using your ID badge.  The lights are activated by a motion sensor, so one has to walk into the room to activate the lights if they are off.