Faculty Senate_2018-19

UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted) from 4:30 pm to 6 pm | Marie Hall Room, 4.622 | 4th Floor, SON/SHP Building

The UTMB Faculty Senate is an open forum and welcomes all faculty members to attend.

UTMB Senate Report Card

Issues addressed and their resolution (see minutes for further details):


5/18     The push for shared governance has led to several senators being appointed to committees.


5/18     A faculty lounge will open this summer in the Clinical Sciences Wing this summer.


5/18     The Faculty Senate buddy badge has been approved through all channels of administration.


5/18     Guests Mrs. Donna Sollenberger EVP and Chief Executive Officer, Health Systems and Mr. Tom Riley, VP and Chief Health Strategy Officer   

Mrs. Sollenberger provided a League City Campus Update.


5/18     Bylaw amendments to provide clarification or updated language were reviewed, discussed, and passed by the Senate.


4/18     Guest Dr. Joan Richardson, AE Performance Evaluation Steering Committee

Dr. Richardson presented a draft of revisions to the evaluation process and form for Faculty and Postdocs.


4/18     FCIP update provided by Dr. Carayannopoulos using slides from Dr. Jacobs Mondays in March presentation. Consultants will be evaluating the FCIP. MOAs will be limited to 6 months.


4/18    Faculty Senate to have a table at Research Day on April 30th.


3/18       Guest President Dr. David Callender

Dr. Callender provided an update on the status of UTMB.


2/18      Guest Dr. Christine Maslach

Dr. Maslach, Provost lecturer, presented on job burnout/resilience including common causes and actions that can be taken.


2/18     Resolution to create a Faculty Senate badge buddy was heard and passed.


2/18     Dr. Niesel announced that Research Day will be held on April 30th in Levin Hall.


1/18     Dr. Pine presented the idea of a Faculty Senate badge buddy which was received favorably by the senators.


1/18     Dr. Kelley Dineley provided updates on publication costs. Department chairs have discretion as whether to assist faculty with publishing costs. The research committee to develop a survey on publication costs.


1/18      SHP Faculty Retention Survey Results

Survey results shared with Dr. Jacobs as well as other factors in market competiveness for faculty.


1/18      Questions developed by Faculty Senate submitted for You Count Survey

Senate Committee Concerns - Questions and issues from the newly formed committees were brought to the President and Provost. Several will involve guests coming to present to the Senate or to the Committees alone.

Salary Goals - From conversations with the President and Provost, getting faculty to the 65th percentile of national norms is the foremost goal, although there is not a time frame for this.

Faculty Lounge Update - Expected to open in March 2018, there are 2 temporary lounges planned. One in Clinical Science Wing 6th floor, and another on 1st floor John Sealy Annex.

SHP Retention Task Force - Dr. Vicki Freeman, Interim Dean of SHP, has supported a SHP Retention Taskforce

SHP Satisfaction Survey - Chair-elect Dr. Lynne Hughes presented the SHP results of the faculty satisfaction survey to the Senate. Results are available in the Minutes and are similar to those from the Senator survey and Clinician survey.

Publication Costs - Dr. Kelly Dineley reported from the Strategic Research Committee the results of exploring the issues around the costs of publication. At this time there is no standard support for faculty. See the Minutes for details and links on this topic.

Ombudsperson Update - Reported by Dr. Cooper. The Senate will inquire for more details about positive results for faculty and if faculty exit interviews are being utilized.

Chancellor McRaven to step down - Dr. Carayannopoulos sent an email notice to faculty.

Senator Badge
Dr. Harold Pine proposed a placard to accompany our ID card which would identify one as a Senator and offer some small perks around campus.

Faculty Satisfaction Surveys
Dr. Carayannopoulos presented results for the Faculty Senate as well as the Top 40 Clinicians results. See link on Minutes for results and suggestions to move forward. 

UTS visitors Shared Governance - The Senate welcomed AVC Tony Cucolo and Dr. Peter Cheng, Faculty Advisory Chair, to discuss Shared Governance at UTMB with Senators.  The Chancellor is a strong proponent of Shared Governance.
7/17 New Chair-Elect! The Senate would like to welcome Dr. Lynne Hughes as  the new SHP Chair-elect.

7/17 Faculty Retention Plans for retention submitted by Deans and a Chair
were reviewed by faculty in that program. A list of clarifying questions will be forwarded back to the Deans.

7/17 Interprofessional Shelly Smith would like any faculty planning IPE
Education activities to notify her (shelsmit@utmb.edu) and for faculty to support these endeavors. An IPE communication course will be required of incoming students.

7/17 Faculty Practice Dr. Jacobs was not able to resolve the issue of
Resolution increasing salary in the clinical enterprise to meet the Provost’s Faculty Practice requirements. Work continues in this area. Please forward suggestions to Dr. Suzanne Alton or Dr. Lynne Hughes.

7/17 Beyond Resiliency Although physicians are targeted, all clinical faculty are welcome to attend the UT System Symposium on the important topic of ways systems can be improved to support clinicians. See minutes for details and links.

6/17 Faculty Practice Resolution UTMB is not able to subsidize practice time due to budget cuts. Bring issues to the Provost who has more influence of other sectors of UTMB.

6/17 Faculty Exit Interviews Link to the questionnaire now on HR website on the Leaving UTMB site: https://hr.utmb.edu/employees/

6/17 Publication costs Strategic Research Group continues working on the
issue of the costs of publishing.

6/17 Faculty Turnover Reviewed latest figures for schools and departments.
Will query on retention plan.

6/17 Evaluation Feedback You may request of a person or that person’s supervisor that “nominate participants” is elected in ePerformance. This will provide feedback from others.

6/17 Diversity Goals SOM, SON, and GSBS reported their plan on how to
increase diversity in their settings.

4/17 Diversity Resolution passed by Senate and forwarded to the Deans and Provost: Faculty Senate requests each school to have goals in order to promote faculty diversity.

4/17 Incentive Plan Confused about your incentive plan? Contact Ms. Jami Farb-Goodsell @ jsfarbgo@utmb.edu to schedule your training session in MyPower

4/17 Evaluation: Meets Clarified by Dr. Jacobs. Meets = A grade. Exceeds = exceptional. Vs Exceeds Schools are now more in alignment than they were before.

4/17 360 degree Requested by the Senate. Conveyed by Mr. Paul Bristol to Drs. Administrator Jacobs and McKinley of HR Evaluations
Did you Know?

Faculty Lounges

One of the Faculty Lounges is located in room 6.612, Clinical Services Wing (CSW).  From the Jennie Sealy Lobby, take the main public elevator to the 6th floor.  Once you arrive to the 6th floor, take a left.  Make your way down the hall until you reach the Faculty Lounge, on the left side of the hallway.  It has Starbucks coffee, hot chocolate, tea bags and hot water.  Right next to the lounge is vending machines and sandwich shop. 

The other Faculty Lounge is located in the John Sealy Annex adjacent to the Café on the Court.  The room is just off the main dining room and labeled Faculty Lounge and accessible for Faculty using your ID badge.  The lights are activated by a motion sensor, so one has to walk into the room to activate the lights if they are off.