UTMB Faculty Senate 2016-17


UTMB Faculty Senate Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted) from 4:30 pm to 6 pm | Marie Hall Room, 4.622 | 4th Floor, SON/SHP Building

The UTMB Faculty Senate is an open forum and welcomes all faculty members to attend.

Suzanne AltonWords from your Chair

Updates for June/July
The June meeting was packed with news from Dr. Jacobs and HR information. Faculty exit evaluations are finally up and running, with a link on the separation list for faculty who are leaving. Faculty may also interview in person with the ombudsperson, Dr. Cooper. This process has taken a long… Read more »

UTMB Senate Report Card
Issues addressed and their resolution (see minutes for further details):




8/17 Incentive Pay Finalizing process for faculty leaving before payout to receive incentive pay
8/17 360 Evaluation for Administrators Senators to review and comment on before returns to Provost Office
8/17 Retention strategies Dialogue with Deans about issues that will help retention
8/17 Parking for Jennie Sealy when on-call Stay tuned for final details on this success by clinical committee
7/17 New Chair-Elect! The Senate would like to welcome Dr. Lynne Hughes as the new SHP Chair-Elect
7/17 Faculty Retention

Plans for retention submitted by Deans and a Chair were reviewed by faculty in that program. A list of clarifying questions will be forwarded back to the Deans.

7/17 Interprofessional Education

Shelly Smith would like any faculty planning IPE activities to notify her (shelsmit@utmb.edu) and for faculty to support these endeavors. An IPE communication course will be required of incoming students.

7/17 Faculty Practice Resolution

Dr. Jacobs was not able to resolve the issue of increasing salary in the clinical enterprise to meet the Provost’s Faculty Practice requirements. Work continues in this area. Please forward suggestions to Dr. Suzanne Alton or Dr. Lynne Hughes.

7/17 Beyond Resiliency

Although physicians are targeted, all clinical faculty are welcome to attend the UT System Symposium on the important topic of ways systems can be improved to support clinicians. See minutes for details and links. 

6/17 Faculty Practice Resolution

UTMB is not able to subsidize practice time due to budget cuts. Bring issues to the Provost who has more influence of other sectors of UTMB.

6/17 Faculty Exit Interviews

Link to the questionnaire now on HR website on the Leaving UTMB site:https://hr.utmb.edu/employees/

6/17 Publication Costs

Strategic Research Group continues working on the issue of the costs of publishing.

6/17 Faculty Turnover

Reviewed latest figures for schools and departments. Will query on retention plan.

6/17 Evaluation Feedback

You may request of a person or that person's supervisor that nominate participantsť is elected in ePerformance. This will provide feedback from others.

6/17 Diversity Goals

SOM, SON, and GSBS reported their plan on how to increase diversity in their settings.

5/17 Practice Plan Resolution supporting faculty practice for SON/SHP passed
4/17 Burnout

Message sent from Provost office of faculty support resources as response to burnout physician survey.

4/17 Incentive Plan Confused about your incentive plan? Contact Ms. Jami Farb-Goodsell @ jsfarbgo@utmb.edu to schedule your training session in MyPower.
4/17 Evaluation Meets vs Exceeds Clarified by Dr. Jacobs. Meets = A grade. Exceeds = exceptional. Schools are now more in alignment than they were before.
4/17 360 degree Administrator Evaluations Requested by the Senate. Conveyed by Mr. Paul Bristol to Drs. Jacobs and McKinley of HR.
4/17 Diversity

Resolution passed by Senate and forwarded to the Deans and Provost: Faculty Senate requests each school to have goals in order to promote faculty diversity.



Faculty Exit Interviews

The exit survey link is available on the Ombudsman page.
Clarification sought on process.



Legislative update

Contact your legislator on behalf of yourself (not UTMB) to request reinstating the large cuts proposed to UTMB and indigent health care.

3/17 Faculty evaluations

Clarification sought of how these are tied to incentives; on the lack of standardization of meets and exceeds expectations across the schools and within departments.

3/17 Senate satisfaction survey

Top 3 positives:Colleagues; Flexibility/variety of work
Opportunities (clinical, education, research); and Benefits
Top 3 negatives:Lack of support/appreciation; Workload;
Administration/leadership. Satisfaction for all was 5.5 on 7 point scale.

3/17 Pulse poll on turnover

31% think turnover is higher than it should be 47% think turnover demonstrated problems at UTMB
28% think the amount of turnover is about right.

2/17 Pulse Polls Initiated with turnover question
2/17 Scribes in clinic successfull, rolling out more Trial was a success; rolling out more
2/17 Workload UT Faculty Advisory Council Taskforce on Workload: forward your comments!
1/17 UT System Academic Time Initiative Survey sent to physicians who are active in clinical care.
1/17 Faculty exit interviews Dr. Cary Cooper, Ombudsperson, will be conducting exit interviews. Pending what standardized form will be used.
1/17 Publication fees Pending: Drs. Jacobs and Niesel will discuss how departments and chairs want to prioritize funds.
1/17 Memorial Hermann site across from Victory Lakes Dr. Callender informed the Senate that UTMB faculty will be working in the Memorial Hermann facilities. Collaboration!
1/17 Ombudsperson Website for Faculty Ombudsperson Implemented
12/16 ppd and flu shots done at work site Problematic to get ppd's read correctly; stalled flu shots - sites can request from Employee Health
12/16 Day Care on campus UTMB Executive Leadership: was costing UTMB >$200,000 to subsidize; considered an asymmetrical benefit that only benefits a few, on which state funding frowns.
11/16 Faculty Senate Lounge in Rebecca Sealy On hold due to budget issues
10/16 Bylaw change for committees The only committee that requires members from each school is the University committee now. This is in order to vitalize the committees
7/16 Overbooking appointments Per Dr. McCallum, this will not be instituted over all clinics as blanket policy

Beyond Resiliency Training

For More Information, please click here.

Submit questions to UTMB Executive Administrators

Did you Know?

New Antibiogram Released

We have a dedicated anticoagulation team who are an email away from any anti-coagulation question, coagDMT@utmb.edu led by Drs. Laposata, Alperin, and Botz.