UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate
August 14, 2006

Caduceus Room

4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Members Present:  T. Albrecht, S. Ayachi, C. Baker, C. Boodley, U. Budelmann, A. Cass, Charles Christiansen, D. Freeman, R. Johnson, R. Leonard, H. Li, M. Olson, V. Parisi, C. Phillips, R. Rahr, K. Rasmussen, J. Stobo, P. Watson, G. Weaver, S. Weaver, and M. Winter. 

I.               Approval of Agenda of 8/14/06 – The agenda was approved.

II.             Approval of Minutes of 6/12/06 & 7/10/06 – The June 12 and July 10, 2006 minutes were approved.

III.            President’s Comments

1        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that the July 31 All Faculty Meeting was well attended and provided the opportunity for open and honest communication between administration and the faculty regarding issues with the Faculty Compensation Plan. He thanked the Faculty Senate leadership for their contributions in organizing and hosting the meeting.

2        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that the August 10 All Faculty Meeting was not as well attended as the July 31 meeting.  This may have been caused by the rainy weather that day.  Further, the all-faculty meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 15, has been cancelled. Dr. Stobo also informed the Senate that Dr. Parisi would be responding to questions submitted by the faculty that were not addressed during the meetings.

3        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that one of the questions posed by faculty addressed the performance of administration versus others in the institution.  A group will be assembled to put together a mechanism to review academic administrator staff.  The group will be made up of colleagues, students and the community and would report to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs at The University of Texas System.

4        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that as part of the 2007 fiscal year goals, the following would be reviewed:  quality of institutional support services, including HR, FOAM, security, etc.; using the right data for comparison, including the Navigant benchmark data; and the Strategic Executive Council is seeking measures to ensure higher quality service at a lower cost, which means reengineering how services are provided.

5        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that the Board of Regents of the UT System has been generous to UTMB – over $30 million has been contributed to the Victory Lakes facility and UTMB has the highest tuition revenue bond at $57 million.

6        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that the Financial Improvement Page will be made more user friendly due to numerous requests and that the Rumors/Trumors page will be reinstated.

7        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that he is continuing to meet with faculty using small breakfast group meetings to keep the lines of communication open and to address faculty questions.

8        Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that faculty still have issues with the fairness of the Faculty Compensation Plan and want to know if administrators are scrutinized the same way.  What constitutes base pay and performance criteria are several of the major issues being brought forward.

9        Dr. Stobo informed the faculty that they should email him if they have questions.  Dr. Baker informed Dr. Stobo that an all faculty meeting had never been held on campus and that faculty like the opportunity for all faculty to get together in the same venue.

IV.     Dean’s Corner

1        Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that changes had been made to the Faculty Compensation Plan.  The first change involved minimum salary or core base salary.  UT System has removed the section on academic rank.  Chris Johnsen in Legal Affairs is working on the language.

2        Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that in regards to the year-to-year fluctuation in salary, a Compensation Appeals Committee will be formed and made up of faculty to address the institutional base salary in Parts I & II of the Faculty Compensation Plans.

3        Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that there would be modifications made to the incentive based compensation plans which were of serious concern to faculty.  A memo will be sent by Dr. Parisi to all faculty on Tuesday, August 15.

4        Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that there would be a School of Medicine Faculty Meeting on Thursday, September 17.

5        Basic Science faculty informed Dr. Parisi that they don’t want quarterly reviews because teaching, publishing, etc. occur sporadically.

6        The faculty felt some relief after last week’s meeting.  The FCP feels much less imposed; the meetings have helped.

V.     SACS Update – Dr. Pamela Watson

         1    Tabled until September.

VI.     UTMB Compact for the Period FY 07—08 – Rudy Guerrero

1         Dr. Winter informed the Senate that Rudy Guerrero was unable to attend the Senate meeting.  Faculty should submit their comments on the UTMB Compact to Rudy Guerrero via a URL site that Dr. Winter will email to faculty.  Senators should ask their department faculty to provide input.

VII.   Chair’s Comments – Dr. Winter         

1        Dr. Winter informed the Senate that faculty can send administration issues/concerns to the Senate leadership unless they are approaching as an individual.

VIII.      Chair-Elect Comments – Dr. Baker

1        Dr. Baker reminded the Senate that online training is due by 8/31/06.

2        Dr. Baker reminded the Senate of the UT System Research Database.  She informed the Senate that only four faculty have registered; Dr. Winter will send out the URL to all senators so it can be forwarded to faculty.

IX.      Committee Reports

·        Governance

1        Dr. Johnson informed the Senate that the Governance Committee has the corrected version of the Senate By-Laws.  The By-Laws will be sent out by the Senate secretary to all faculty.  Two-thirds of the respondents must approve and they have ten days to vote.

  • Academic Affairs

1         Dr. Boodley had no report.

 ·        Faculty Quality

1        Dr. Rahr had no report.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Committee meetings followed.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting:  The Senate Annual Meeting and Luncheon will be held on Monday, September 11, 2006, 11:45 a.m.—1:00 p.m. in the Levin Hall Dining Room.