UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate
January 9, 2006
Caduceus Room 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Members Present: T. Albrecht, W. Au, S. Ayachi, C. Baker, C. Boodley, B. Budelmann, B. Camune, A. Cass, C. Christiansen, C. Cooper, D. Freeman, J. Gallagher, P. Gallagher, K. High, S. Leitch, H. Li, K. Mossberg, M. Olson, C. Phillips, L. Primeau, R. Rahr, K. Rasmussen, J. Stobo, P. Watson, S. Weaver, and M. Winter. Guests: L. Phillips, S. Lieberman, and C. Turley.

I. Approval of Agenda of 1/9/06

II. Approval of Minutes of 11/14/05 Approval of Minutes of 12/12/05 - A motion was made to hold and approve the minutes in January so that revisions could be made to the Senators Update/Concerns section, the motion was seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

III. President’s Comments – Dr. Stobo

1 Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that the Board of Regents was sponsoring a retreat next week.
2 Dr. Stobo shared several handouts with the Faculty Senate. The first handout from The University of Texas System’s Office of Institutional Planning and Accountability concerns Trends Affecting Higher Education. The University of Texas System is comprised of six health components and nine academic components. The second handout is an excerpt by Thomas L. Friedman, It’s a Flat World, After All, which concerns globalization, an important concept for us to understand. We need to understand the impact it will have on the U.S., on medical schools outside the U.S., and on graduate students outside the U.S. The third handout Good to Great and the Social Sectors by Jim Collins provides outputs that are measurable. These are pretty crisp simple outputs.
3 Dr. Stobo provided the Senate with an update on the administrative reorganization. He informed the Senate that he has asked a small group of individuals led by Ron Carson what changes should be made that better serves the needs of the institution.
4 Dr. Stobo also informed the Senate that the previous Academic Executive Council (AEC) has a new name, Council of the Dean, in which the four deans serve as rotating chairs. This is a collegiate group. The Council of Deans will be chaired by Valerie Parisi for the next five years. Dr. Stobo also informed the Senate of Dr. Parisi’s new title which went into effect on January 1 – Chief Academic Officer and Vice President for Academic Program Administration and Services. Dr. Stobo attends the Council of Deans meeting once a month and the group is also joined by Rudy Guerrero, Rebecca Saavedra and Brett Kirkpatrick.
5 Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that the Faculty Satisfaction Survey was complete and that the Deans had received copies that would be shared with their faculty. There are plenty of things that the Faculty Senate can help with.

IV. Chair’s Comments – Dr. Winter

1 Dr. Winter informed the Senate that he had filled the two vacant positions on Senate subcommittees with Dan Freeman on Faculty Quality and Scott Weaver on Academic Affairs.
2 Dr. Winter informed the Senate that the Faculty Governance needs to understand the institutional budget process as part of SACS reaffirmation: A. Dr. Winter informed the Senate that the TDCJ had overspent by $1.1 million. UTMB is losing $430,000 a month in Correctional managed care due to the federal inmates being transferred out of southeast Texas for hurricane Rita.
B. UTMB has a deficit of $13.6 million; $10-13 million is attributed to Hurricane Rita losses, while the remainder is due to increased utility costs. The University is still waiting to hear from FEMA as to whether they will be able to recover $7 million and the additional $4-5 million from insurance.
3 Dr. Winter also informed the Senate that the UT System is going to change how the university invests cash on hand. This will be done by investing in short-term money market funds, stocks, international stocks, and other bonds. The university currently receives $16 million per year in interest payments.
4 All the information Dr. Winter shared with the Senate came from a PowerPoint presentation from Larry Revill’s office, UTMB’s Chief Financial Officer. A copy of the PowerPoint can be shared with the Faculty Senate.

V. Chair-Elect Comments – Dr. Baker

1 Dr. Baker encouraged the Senate to encourage their colleagues and themselves to support the Faculty Lounge. Meetings, graduations, and end-of-year events are just a few examples that use of the lounge would be ideal for. Dr. Cooper agreed that the lounge is a nice setting for these events.

VI. Past Chair’s Comments – Dr. Budelmann

1 Dr. Budelmann provided the Senate with a web page update. The Senate would like to include current data along with past data. Rodger Marion, a past-chair of the Senate sent a CD containing files from his reign as chair. However, the Senate is missing minutes and other data from mid-years.

VII. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Recruitment Update – Dr. Cooper

1 Dr. Cooper presented a GSBS Enrollment & Scholarship Plan for fiscal years 2006 through 2010 to the Faculty Senate via a PowerPoint presentation. The topics included increased enrollment, tuition scholarships, GSBS costs, and faculty grant costs.
2 Dr. Cooper informed the Senate that enrollment is not sufficient to fuel the research effort and expand training grants, initiatives at competing institutions to recruit top students need to be met, and that faculty members need advance notice of potential changes.

VIII. Senate Business

Dean’s Comments
1 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that as Vice-Chair of the SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) Committee, she is working with Dr. Parisi, Chair, on the reaffirmation of the accreditation of the University. Dr. Watson informed the Senate that she or Dr. Parisi would be bringing issues relating to the Faculty Senate and that the collective voice of the faculty needed to be represented. She stressed the importance of the university coming together with leadership during the SACS accreditation. Dr. Watson advised that there might be a need for some additional time during Senate meetings for reaffirmation issues. Dr. Watson informed the Senate that this is critical to our status.
2 Dr. Watson also informed the Senate that the university is required to submit a Quality Enhancement Plan as part of the SACS accreditation.
3 Dr. Cooper informed the Senate that it was important that students be informed of the reaffirmation.

Committee Reports
1 Governance – Barbara Camune informed the Senate that her committee is working on the Senate By-Laws.
2 Academic Affairs – Christine Boodley informed the Senate that her committee is still researching school calendars so a common calendar can be implemented in 2007. The committee is also working on tenure for part-time faculty.
3 Faculty Quality – Richard Rahr informed the Senate that the Faculty Quality meeting in December had discussed Faculty Development.
4 The Faculty Quality Committee would like to get a summary of faculty development activities being compiled by departments in the SOM for the LCGME visit and collected by Dr. Parisi.
5 The Faculty Quality Committee would also like to ask if the SAHS, SON, and GSBS would have a listing of the most salient faculty development activities being done in their schools.
6 The Faculty Quality Committee would like to see the University work toward an overall or institutional wide plan for Faculty Development as suggested by Dr. Christiansen in October 1998.
7 Dr. Primeau did an overview of the Faculty Development Report and Recommendations from 1998 by Dr. Christiansen which highlighted the recommendations that had been accomplished or were almost accomplished. Recommendations currently being worked on include: Campus Wide Faculty Development Plan, the creation of an Office of Faculty Development, mentoring programs for new faculty, the encouragement of Best Practices in education, short courses to foster and improve teaching, and the promotion of distance learning.

Senators’ and Faculty Concerns – Update

1 A Hurricane Response Concerns form is being circulated to address any faculty concerns in response to issues raised during the evacuation for Hurricane Rita.

Meeting adjourned at 6:04 p.m.

Committee meetings followed.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting: February 13, 2006 at 4:30 p.m. in the Caduceus Room.