UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate
May 8, 2006
Caduceus Room 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Members Present: W. Au, S. Ayachi, C. Baker, C. Boodley, B. Camune, A. Cass, D. Freeman, J. Gallagher, P. Gallagher, K. High, R. Johnson, R. Leonard, K. Mossberg, V. Parisi, C. Phillips, R. Rahr, K. Rasmussen, J. Stobo, P. Watson, S. Weaver and M. Winter.

I. Approval of Agenda of 5/8/06 – The agenda was approved.

II. Approval of Minutes of 4/10/06 – The minutes were approved.

III. President’s Comments – Dr. Stobo

1 Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that Dr. Parisi had asked the Deans to review in detail the Faculty Satisfaction Survey, prepare a work plan and to communicate a school specific work plan to their faculty. 2 Dr. Stobo gave the Senate a Navigant update in which he reported that the Steering Committee had met twice and that Navigant was in the process of benchmarking our administrative, clinical and academic enterprises. Navigant will prepare a gap analysis which will show where UTMB is now in terms of margin. President’s Council hasn’t decided where the true gap should be. The benchmarks will be very useful in the decision making process. The Navigant Steering Committee will meet weekly for ten weeks or until the process is complete. 3 Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that he was not responding publicly to the advertisement in the Daily News and reported that we know where we stand internally. Dr. Stobo has used open communication processes to report on Navigant’s presence on campus. Dr. Stobo will host a Campus Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 16, and a Community Town Meeting on Thursday, May 25 to update the campus and community on Navigant’s progress and to dispel rumors circulating around their presence on campus. 4 Dr. Stobo informed the Senate that Navigant is concentrating their benchmarking process on our academic, clinical and administrative enterprises. Dr. Parisi has been working closely with Navigant on the research and academic enterprises. Dr. Stobo also informed the Senate that Navigant is here to make recommendations only; President’s Council will make the final decisions.

IV. Dean’s Corner

1 Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that the Deans discussed the Faculty Satisfaction Survey results with their respective schools. 2 Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that the Council of Deans was reviewing the BOR policy on administrative performance evaluations and working with Dr. Kathy Shingleton, Chief HR Officer to clearly outline the process for the university. 3 Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that a series of revisions have been made to the APT process for the School of Medicine. This was recently brought before the Dean’s Advisory Council and further revisions have been suggested. Once completed the revised APT process will be presented at the August Faculty of Medicine meeting for faculty approval.

V. SACS Update – Dr. Pamela Watson

1 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that the SACS Institutional Effectiveness Committee has noted that the university does not have a distance education person. In the School of Nursing, Trish Richards currently acts as conduit. She also informed the Senate that now is the time to update our strategic plan for distance education. 2 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that the credentials of every faculty member have to be verified as part of our SACS Reaccreditation.

VII. Chair’s Comments – Dr. Winter

1 Dr. Winter informed the Senate that the Institutional Budget Committee wants a push for faculty to use their vacation time. Vacation time needs to come off the books; counts as a debit against your budget. 2 Dr. Winter informed the Senate that he submitted the forms he’s collected after Hurricane Rita in regards to concerns brought to the Senate from Tom Albrecht and others; forms were forwarded to Valerie Parisi who is working hard to resolve the issues. 3 Dr. Winter informed the Senate that the Faculty Lounge now has 100 members, up from the 77 previously reported. An advertisement is now out to promote more membership for the lounge. 4 Dr. Winter reminded the Senate that they voted last month to support Alice Speer’s proposal for a faculty excellence center. Dr. Winter wants to prepare a written resolution to become part of the Faculty Senate minutes.

VIII. Chair-Elect Comments – Dr. Baker

1 Dr. Baker reminded the Senate that the annual election is coming up in July in which the Senate will vote for a Chair-Elect. She noted that the School of Allied Health Sciences is not eligible, since she is the current Chair-Elect from the SAHS. Any interested faculty with questions should talk to Dr. Budelmann, Dr. Winter or Dr. Baker. Dr. Rahr could also answer questions as a Past-Chair. Dr. Baker wanted to give any interested faculty time to develop a statement prior to the election held in at the July meeting.

IX. Past-Chair Comments – Dr. Budelmann

1 Dr. Budelmann was unable to attend the meeting and give his report on the Senate Web Page.

X. Committee Reports

• Governance 1 Barbara Camune reported that the current Senate Bylaws do not have provisions for active duty and no leave of absences for childbirth. The committee is looking at the Bylaws of other institutions for more guidance.

• Academic Affairs 1 Dr. Parisi noted that the School of Medicine Curriculum Committee has been reviewing the common calendar prepared by Christine Boodley and the Academic Affairs Committee. Dr. Parisi noted that the common calendar has been needed for a long time. 2 Christine Boodley reported that the School of Nursing Curriculum Committee has reviewed the common calendar and the committee is still waiting to hear from the other schools.

• Faculty Quality 1 Dr. Rahr informed the Senate that the Faculty Quality Committee is waiting to take Alice Speer’s proposal of a faculty excellence center to the Council of Deans.

XI. Senate Concerns

1 Senators expressed concern over the amount of time expended to get approval form UTMB IACUC and IRB committees. In some instances, three to six months can pass from initial submission to final approval. It was noted to invite Bill New and the Chairman of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee to the next Senate meeting. By inviting Bill New and Wayne Patterson, the Senate hopes to get answers to what they are doing, what unnecessary barriers exist, and what level of implementation and interpretation goes into grant approvals. It was also noted to invite Bill Witt.

2 It was also noted that animal protocol approval is an institutional problem. There is a lack of space for animals needed to complete grants.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Committee meetings followed.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting: Monday, June 12, 2006, at 4:30 p.m. in the Caduceus Room.