UTMB Faculty Senate

APRIL 8, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair

Dr. Hughes welcomed back Mr. Lee Smith and Mr. Phil Strzalka from Huron. FCIP Update – Mr. Lee Smith, Higher Education Consulting Director and Phil Strzalka, Managing Director, Huron Consulting Group      

Mr. Smith presented a PowerPoint presentation.  Here are some highlights from his presentation. 

The Objectives:

1.  Review process, including feedback for, approval of, and implementation of FCIP.

2.  Discuss key themes.

3.  Receive feedback and answer questions from senators.

Process Update: 

Hold School and Department faculty meetings in April; 4/8 - School of Nursing, 4/10 - School of Health Professions, and next week the School of Medicine. Also scheduling separate tailored meetings to focus on clinical mission or Basic Science departments and provide additional details relevant to the faculty and mission(s) of those units, including compensation examples. Faculty can provide opportunities for engagement and feedback at the school/department level.

Key Themes:

1. Continued Engagement

2. School/Department-Level Flexibility (with Central Oversight)

3. Meaningful Group/Departmental Incentives

FCIP Recommendations – Benchmarks

Clinical – productivity based on specialty specific MGMA Academic; Baseline paid at a set AAMC MD specialty percentile; and Tiers paid based on MGMA Academic specialty specific comp/WRVU

Research – base compensation based on AAMC PhD specialty specific rate; and Incentive based on salary coverage percentage

Education – AAMC, MD, AAMC PhD, ASAHP, AACN specialty specific; and overloads will be paid at or above PBL rate.

Mr. Smith opened for questions.  Numerous questions were asked; one in particular from a Senator, who asked if they have some transparency on both MGMA and AAMC benchmarks, why use both of them and could they see data before the final decision for the FCIP.

The first year of the FCIP, starting on 9/1/19, will be a hold harmless period.  The Governance body, Institutional Faculty Compensation Committee (IFCC) will continue to provide feedback once the plan has been implemented on 9/1/19.

Senate Chair Announcements/Report

Dr. Hughes discussed the following:

Leadership Training

  • Dr. Shanafelt’s presentation and one (1) factor mitigating burnout is that the employee spends 20% of their time doing something that is meaningful to them.  Article on integrating the discovery of this factor into the annual review.
  • Need in the area of conflict management such as dealing with bad behaviors, difficult people/personalities, and keeping the perception of fairness in dealing with faculty.
  • Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development would consider multiple interventions to address faculty burnout.  The contact is Dr. Anish Bhardwaj.
  • Specifically, the faculty performance evaluation process is managed by Victor Moreno and the Office of Faculty Relations and Workforce Operations
  • A table listing the Program, Audience, Content and Schedule was also discussed and in her PowerPoint presentation.

Endowment Resolution Update

  • UT System office of Endowment Administration and Compliance
  • Revising Regent Rule to consider using for a merit pool to increase salary
  • Sent resolution to UTS FAC chair to address issue and will be on the agenda at their April meeting.
  • Dean’s/Chairs to survey how current policy is being applied; recommendation guidelines; and coming back to the Senate for input.

UTMB Financials

  • Dustin Thomas will provide the Senate monthly financials and willing to provide end of year review around October.


  • For the Faculty Lounges, we suggested to the Provost office to purchase wipes and install sinks.
  • Policy Review Process.  Cecily Martinez sent the Senate the first set of policies for comment and was sent to the University Committee for review and comment back by May 5th.
  • The School of Nursing should be the next school in rotation to hold the Chair-elect title and to start thinking about nominations. At our May or June meetings, we will gather nominations and at our July meeting, is when the new Chair-Elect will be voted on and finalized.

Research Committee Resolution

The resolution was revised as per discussion from the March meeting and will be sent out electronically for voting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:07 pm.