UTMB Faculty Senate Minutes

April 9, 2018

I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. George Carayannopoulos, Faculty Senate Chair.

II. The minutes from March 12 were voted on and approved by email by March 26, 2018.

III. Chair Discussion/Comments – Dr. George Carayannopoulos

  • Dr. Carayannopoulos announced that Senator Pine’s FS badge resolution is with leadership and Dr. Callender pending approval.
  • Dr. Carayannopoulos mentioned the email from Dr. Callender regarding the leadership structure change. He added that Dr. Callender plans on having the Senate be more involved in institutional planning and with budget processes to promote transparency and shared governance.
  • Dr. Carayannopoulos asked the Senators for a show of hands of who attending the Mondays in March presentations and very few hands were raised. Mostly the front line faculty could not attend due to work duties, and also the active video link at times did not work or had glitches.

IV. E-Performance Evaluations – Dr. Joan Richardson, Member, AE Performance Evaluation Steering Committee

  • Dr. Richardson presented a PowerPoint Presentation. The Steering Committee drafted an online evaluation form for Faculty and Postdocs using My Power. Dr. Richardson and Senator Rojas serve on this committee and would like feedback for this process. Here are some highlights from her presentation:
    • The Evaluations will be due on October 31 and no longer in July.
    • The Evaluation form will have a separate section for Clinical, Research, Teaching and Administrative Missions.
    • Each mission will have exceeds expectations, meets expectation, does not meet expectation or unsatisfactory categories.
    • Each mission will have a section for the employee comments and a section for their manager comments.
    • The Evaluation form will have a Core Values page with meets or does not meet.
    • The Evaluation form will have a section for My Road Ahead/Development Goals and Professional Objectives each with comment sections.
    • The Evaluation form will have a section to where you can upload any supporting documentation you want to include.

Once the faculty member or postdoc has completed their evaluation, save and submit, then it will go to their manager. They will in turn enter their comments and then finalize and entering an overall rating and then met with the faculty member or postdoc.

Dr. Hughes asked if the following could be added: "additional teaching/mentoring of students in research or for postdocs."

V. FCIP Update – Dr. George Carayannopoulos

Dr. Carayannopoulos distributed Dr. Jacobs FCIP slide from his Mondays in March presentation and asked if anyone had any questions. FS leadership will meet with Dr. Jacobs on the 23rd and could ask him any questions the Senate may have. Questions followed that they would like to see in My Power where they are exactly compared to 65% salary benchmarks. Confusion still exists regarding total compensation vs base salary compensation and what benchmarks are to be used. Concerns about using the one that works out best for administration. MOA, every 6 months to allow consultants to evaluate FCIP. Will it be followed by an 18 month one or a 6 month one? What is the timeline for these consultants?

VI. Committee Updates

Research Committee mentioned the Faculty Survey for Publications costs. Also the Research Day is scheduled on April 30 in Levin Hall from 10am to 3pm. Dr. Carayannopoulos stated that the Faculty Senate will have a table at this event and stated that Mary made some flyers for us to hand out and we will send out a sign- up sheet in hopes that we have coverage and there to answer any questions the attendees may have about the Faculty Senate.

Clinical Committee mentioned perhaps we could have McCallum and O’Connell talk to us about ambulatory updates and scribes. The committee is looking into the policy about patient rescheduling to 45 days instead of 30 days and how the faculty member could receive a bump if the patient was not notified within 72 hours; and no way to tell if the patient rescheduled or if the dr. rescheduled they get the bump either way. Patient "bumps" is a new metric which is being tracked as a quality measure by the Health System. According to a recent recommendation by the ABCL Committee, physicians will be required to notify the clinic of any planned clinic cancellations for vacation, meetings, etc, a minimum of 45 days in advanced as opposed to the current rule of 30 day advance notification. According to the metric being used, if the patient is not notified a minimum of 30 days in advance of the planned reschedule or if they do not receive a new clinic appointment within 30 days, then a "bump" will be counted against the physician. The extra 15 days is to give the clinic staff time to meet the 30 day notification guideline. However, according to the ABCL committee, the clinic staff have committed to moving all of the scheduled patients within 72 hours of being notified of the clinic cancellation.

If the patient appointment is moved up to an earlier date, then no bump is counted. If the patient reschedules their appointment to a later date, no bump is counted. But if the patient appointment is pushed back because, for example, all of the ordered testing from an earlier appointment has not been completed (which happens frequently), then that will be counted as a bump. Since the purpose of tracking "bumps" is to monitor clinic cancellations, there needs to be a mechanism to account for individual patients that are rescheduled for other reasons.

The committee will work on these issues; perhaps meeting with Dr. Rex McCallum and working on a resolution.

Burnout was brought up, what is happening? It was announced that Dr. Bhardwaj is working on this at the moment. Faculty Lounge, why does this always get delayed and pushed back on the priority list? Dr. Carayannopoulos indicated that it was mentioned by Dr. Callender that we can have quarterly faculty get together, serving hors d'oeuvres and drinks? A way to promote interaction and collaboration in lieu of the delays with the faculty lounge. It was also mentioned that there is not a clinician serving on the OFAPD Steering Committee.

Education Committee, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Ellis are members of the Education Strategic Planning Committee. The committee has started to meet and will meet again in June and added thatcworking on each school’s effort will not be easy. A task force was also created to work on teaching metrics and compensation plan and hope to have by the end of the calendar year. They also will be reviewing the metrics with the consultants.

University Committee mentioned the badge and also the $50 million deficit, so will there be any incentives this year or are they frozen? One Senator indicated that their chair indicated that there may be cuts in faculty salaries. The other Senators indicated that they had not heard this from within their departments. The committee has begun meeting with the finance team to see how the Senate can get involved. The Bylaws will be sent out to the Senators asking for any input on some recommendations they have made. The Faculty Compensation Committee is on hold pending consultants feedback.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.