UTMB Faculty Senate Minutes

August 10, 2020


The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm by Dr. Nikos Vasilakis, Faculty Senate Chair

Diversity Update – Alfredo Torres, Academic Enterprise Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

Dr. Torres presented the Senate with a PPT presentation. Here are a few highlights from his presentation: Faculty Diversity at UTMB (from 2019)

Gender: SOM: 355 Female/463 Male; SHP: 59 Female/21 Male; SON: 59 Female/8 Male.

Ethnicity                     SOM             SHP           SON
American Indian               2                -                1
Asian                            235             12                7
Black                              48               5                3
Hispanic                         74              11               8
Pacific Islander                 1               1                -
White                            458             52              48

                                Students: Faculty Ratio
                                 SOM             SHP           SON
Female                        1.7              8.7            17.9
Male                            1.1             6.7             20.3
Asian                           1.2              9.8             33
Black                           1.5              8.6             48.7
Hispanic                      2.9             11.5             27.8
White                           1.1              6.3             11.4

Since the Student Town hall meeting from June, UTMB has now established an Office of Diversity and Inclusion, SOM; An inclusion of anti-racism literature, discussions, and advocacy embedded in all classes, and hiring of a more diverse group of educators who will expand the world view of UTMB’s future physicians. Also establishment of a Student Diversity Office, to support students (emphasis in minority students) across all four schools; support postgraduate trainings at UTMB; support faculty and staff in student related activities focusing on diversity and inclusion; and advocate with student organizations to engage in activities related to diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Torres wants the Senate to take action, read the Strategic Diversity Plan for Faculty and Students. Help lead the way regarding diversity, equity and inclusion and to promote in your department for recruiting and faculty development.

FY21 Budgetary Challenges – Dr. Charles Mouton, EVP, Provost and Dean, School of Medicine
Dr. Mouton talked briefly about Dr. Raimer’s email that was sent out earlier today. He also talked about the latest financial report that Dr. Vasilakis had shared with the Senators. For FY21, he stated that they divided into 3 committees, Revenue, Finance and Programmatic and concluded that we will need to cover a projected $174 million budget gap. Dr. Mouton stated that faculty do not have to spend their professional development dollars, we need to tighten our belts and cut spending.

Committee Reports
Research Committee, Senator stated that the Research Committee they serve on have their meeting with Dr. Urban tomorrow. Senator Lyons sent email for us to consider inviting VP Purchasing to talk about procurement.
Clinical Committee, nothing new to report. My Power and MOA was briefly discussed.
University Committee stated that they have a walk thru with BOF at the HEC regarding some ADA issues this Friday, Senator Hilton is one of them meeting with them. Also discussed was faculty retention and promotion, are female faculty achieving tenure and promotion the same as the male faculty?
Education Committee stated that they would like for Ms. McGoff regarding the HEC scheduling to come in October, if permitted.

Chair Comments – Dr. Vasilakis Dr. Vasilakis announced the election results and thanked the Senators who are rotating off and announced the ones who will be starting in September, but all are invited to attend the September annual meeting from 11:00-12:00. Committee Chairs will present the work that they had for the year. Also, Dr. Vasilakis will continue his advocacy for faculty issues through his new role as chair-elect of the UT system Faculty Advisory Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:10pm.