UTMB Faculty Senate Minutes

August 12, 2019

I.  The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair.

II.  AE Service Center Update – Loren Skinner, Adam Meyer, Phil Strzalka and Dr. Mouton.  Loren presented an update to the Senate and here are some highlights from their presentation:

Why Service Centers: Improved service; Reinvestment opportunities; Efficiency and Effectiveness and Maintain Compliance

How Did We Get Here?

Proof of Concept (Jan–April 2019) – AE core team discussed potential benefits for faculty onboarding process and included HR, Travel and Entertainment and Procurement

Work Team Planning (May–Fall 2019) – Three work teams are meeting to map out proposed future state processes and policy enhancements

Infrastructure Build Out (June–Oct 2019) – Work teams, IT and Service Center Associate Director are building out technological components for the Service Center and the user interface for AE employees

Launch Preparation (Oct–Launch) – Leads of each area will help develop SOPs, service expectations, and training for departmental users as well as service center employees

Implement (Winter 2019) – Service Center to go live and assume key administrative functions across HR, Procurement, and T&E which will create additional bandwidth for mission critical activities

Additional information will be provided as the implementation date approaches, including easy “how-to-guides” for services moving into the AE Service Center and a website. Some questions asked. We did this before and it did not work, the employees left, due to redundant work and were overburden with work. Loren explained we have learned from this and have seen it work at other businesses and Dr. Callender made it clear that there is a career path for these employees. Another question asked was, you will take our employees from our departments for placing in the service center, who will complete their work in the departments? Loren explained that most of these employees serve several departments.

III. Chair Announcements – Lynne Hughes Endowment Resolution update: 2nd meeting with Toby Boenig, VP and Chief Compliance Officer and for the office to check with other schools to see how they use their endowments. Dr. Hughes sent an email to Dr. Safady, Vice Chancellor for External Relations to on the policy revision and it is currently under review.

Dr. Hughes announced the monthly financials and stated that UT System made a mid-year change in accounting requirements for the Tuition Revenue Bond (TRB) allocations (used to pay for building and capital projects) are no longer allowed to be counted as revenue to the institution. This causes a variance of about $1.25M unfavorable per month, since we have budgeted these for decades. UT System is giving us relief on the budget target (not requiring to make it up) because it really is just an accounting change. So, neither the $37.2M YTD budget loss nor the $52.4M budgeted loss for FY19 includes the ~$15M of extra loss we are permitted.

MTA Resolution update: Turnaround time is 4-6 weeks, however there are other parties to the agreement. There is no online system for faculty to track their MTA’s but the MTA office uses a database to track all the MTA’s processed. This office recently created an internal docket system to go over the timeline of all the outstanding MTA’s and every week, Ms. King reviews the docket along with Ade Lawal and if there are any delays of 2 weeks or more, they try to provide an update to the faculty via email of the status. In the event of the process taking more than 4 weeks, then they will go over and provide the specific reasons for the delay and try to sort the issue out with the faculty member. For international MTA’s that require Export Control license, this can take an additional 2-3 months, depending on the US governments process time which is beyond our control. The faculty member can directly contact Sundeep Mattamana.

IV.  Motion – Dr. Hughes brought the motion of Faculty Senate Representation (equal representation with seven from each school) for continuing of its discussion from last month. The motion was discussed and numerous questions came up. Senator Nastars made the motion to vote on the number of representatives from each school and with the votes counted, the motion did not pass.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:57 pm.