UTMB Faculty Senate
December 9, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm, by Dr. Nikos Vasilakis, Faculty Senate Chair

Chair Announcements – Nikos Vasilakis This is our first meeting offering any Senators who are off campus, to Skype in. Reminder that we had a meeting with Dr. Raimer where we discussed the Endowments and a new formula will be forthcoming, doing away with the 50% rule. We had our meeting with Dr. Mouton and we discussed the issue of a childcare facility, we may send out a survey, more to come on this subject. Another subject for discussion is we would like for the Senate be at the beginning of the IHOPs review. Dr. Vasilakis added, that we really need your input on these IHOPs when we are asked for our review/input. Also, at this meeting, Dr. Hughes shared from a previous institution, there Shared Governance worked well, perhaps we need to formulate a task force for various issues. Dr. Vasilakis indicated that in January, Dr. Raimer will be our guest. For February, not confirmed at this time, but we may have Dr. Mouton and Jennifer Young update us on the AE Service Center and may Education Committee may invite Erin McGoff, the Director of the Simulation Center for the HEC.

Committees Announcements (after breakout session during this meeting)

Research Committee – improve communications with our research groups/committees and will schedule a meeting with Dr. Urban; MTAs still an issue; grants for junior faculty; and Sealy pilot and bridging grants, Dr. Vasilakis added that he can talk with Dr. Raimer on this subject for next time they meet.

Clinical Committee – concern about increasing of RVUs; not enough staff, patient rooms.

Education Committee – new HEC and individuals trying to navigate, perhaps have a utilization roadmap, get some updates on the glitches and will check with Erin McGoff and invite for February or March.

University Committee – 1) faculty interest in reopening childcare center - considering costs and creating a survey to examine needs; 2) interest in regular chair and executive annual evaluations and faculty being involved in chair and executive goals; 3) therapists from hospital and clinical practice to hold faculty titles.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm.