UTMB Faculty Senate
FEBRUARY 11, 2019


I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair

II. Dr. Hughes reminded the Senators of the upcoming SOM Commencement on June 1 at Moody Gardens Convention Center. Dr. Hughes also stated that leadership and HR will be working on a plan regarding the faculty results of the You Count survey. Dr. Hughes then introduced our presenter.

III. Administrative Rights on Computer, 9/1/18 – Emma Ramos, MBA, Associate VP, IS Operations and Robert Shaffer, Associate VP and Chief Information Security Officer Mr. Shaffer asked the Senate what they would like to discuss and Dr. Vasilakis stated that many Researchers have programs like Reference Manager to organize their publications and Stat programs that need to be on their computers. Mr. Shaffer stated that they have a list of programs that are allowed and they can send an email with their justification for the software to: cirt@utmb.edu and within a day or two at most, you should have a response or follow-up to your email. Ms. Ramos added they are evaluating software programs to grant admin rights to. There has been some issues with computers, especially when faculty are out of the country and no luck with the 24/7 help desk, telling them that they cannot help them and Ms. Ramos will look into this. She stated, if you get an answer like this, please ask the help desk person to connect you to their supervisor. Mr. Shaffer added that the tech could do a bypass mode. More questions were covered from VPN, Epic, Mac computers, Windows 7, email jail, new computers that are encrypted now with a different vendor now, moving from iSpace to SharePoint and Java were covered. Mr. Shaffer stated that they have a committee that meets to go over computers, software virus issues, etc., and stated that he asked if a member of the Faculty Senate, perhaps a researcher that uses a Mac, would want to serve on this committee. Dr. Hughes will be sending out an email asking for nominations.

V. Senate Business and Announcements – Dr. Hughes and Dr. Vasilakis discussed several different topics and issues, Dr. Vasilakis asked for a white paper, with the University Committee to take on; more details will be sent to the Senators on this Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:07 pm.