UTMB Faculty Senate
February 13, 2017

I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Suzanne Alton, Faculty Senate Chair

II. The minutes from January 9, 2017 were voted on and approved by email by January 24, 2017.

III. Smoking on Campus Issues and Campus Carry Update – Mr. Thomas Engells, University Police Chief

Mr. Engells indicated last year that 1245 times officers informed smokers to put out their cigarettes and that this is a non-smoking campus.

The legislatures are not happy with how few of buildings on UTMB allow Campus Carry, and this will be discussed in session. Expect some pushback.

IV. Diversity Update – Alfredo Torres, PhD, Director of Faculty Diversity, SOM

Dr. Torres presented the Senate with a PowerPoint presentation. Here are some highlights:

UTMB Faculty in the SOM (2015-16): Female faculty proportion is moving in the right direction.

Improving networks for the advancement of UTMB SOM Women and Minority Faculty:

Goal: Assess factors needed to increase retention, promotion and advancement of female and minority faculty at the SOM.

Action Plan: Perform assessment of the climate within the female and minority faculty population by using focus groups.

Anticipated Outcome: During 2016, several sessions were held with female and minority faculty representatives from all departments and a list of priority areas identified.

Measured by: Ranking of the priority areas and specific items impacting career advancement of female faculty.

Dr. Torres reports to the Council of Chairs every 6 months.

V. Executive Committee

Dr. Alton handed out a Scribe update from Dr. McCallum. Dr. Alton asked the Senate to complete a one question poll, on turnover, located on the Faculty Senate website. Dr. Alton had sent out a reminder to turn in your comments on the Teacher and Learner Conduct, and she will report back to Dr. Ainsworth. Dr. Alton stated that Tony Cucolo and Chair Elect Jonathan Cheng, from the UTSW will be visiting UT campuses, regarding shared governance, and Dr. Alton will send out the draft. Dr. Alton mentioned the workload formula, which has minimum requirements but no maximum. There were several issues of concern around the Burnout survey which were discussed with Dr. Callender. For example, it required a sign in to My Power so it wasn’t anonymous. Dr. Callender reports no further enrollment is planned. Dr. Alton asked for the AAMC survey results which are not available. None of the UT campuses have received the results back from AAMC. Next month, Dr. Carayannopoulos will present findings of Senate survey and plans. Dr. Niesel shared that legislation in two states (Missouri and Iowa) seeks to eliminate tenure in public higher education.

Dr. Cain indicated that there is a Women’s Faculty Network and Dr. Protas and Dr. Saavedra are on this committee. This committee is to better serve women faculty.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:28.

Committees met. (Committees to send in brief report to Dr. Alton by 2/15.)