January 13, 2020

Faculty Senate Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm, by Dr. Nikos Vasilakis, Faculty Senate Chair

State of UTMB – Ben Raimer, MD, MA, FAAP, President ad interim
Dr. Raimer presented a PowerPoint to the Senators. Here are just a some of the highlights from his detailed presentation. People Promote a culture of respect, collaboration, affirmation and achievement; Practice what we Teach; Value our patients, students, faculty and staff; Invest in our workforce (education and skills); Improve processes and tools for retention of faculty and staff; Address wellness and resiliency of each other
Value Deliver high-quality outcomes that improve education, research and health care delivery;  Provide exceptional, “high-value” services to our patients, students and employees; Expand our programs to add value to the communities we serve in our region
Strategic Management and Growth Pursue the greatest opportunities to help define the future of health care; Strengthen communication to enhance organization effectiveness through our business intelligence and IT systems; Continue strategic growth of programs and partnerships with the UTMB “brand;” Foster organizational innovation, improvement and entrepreneurship to capitalize upon opportunities in a competitive marketplace
Resources Secure the necessary resources to support our work; Be a good steward of those resources;  Improve revenue streams;  Improve how we manage expenses to increase efficiency. 
Dr. Raimer also presented accomplishments in FY19; Revenue growth over the past decade; Expanding UTMB’s footprint; Patient Care growth; Growth in student enrollments.
Strategic Direction

Galveston Island – Collaborate with local philanthropy to improve health and well-being on the island through partnerships with the St. Vincent’s House; Locals schools; City government; and local community agencies Improve access to health care for the island’s under-served Complete the renovation of the John Sealy Hospital - Mental Health Services - Women’s Health Services - Children’s Hospital within a Hospital including PICU - Neonatal ICU
Galveston County – Affirm a collaborative relationship with the county’s Board of Health and its Coastal Health and Wellness; Enhance public health services; Enhance “SCOPE” programs for UTMB students; and Enhance the availability of specialty services in Coastal’s clinics
Angleton Danbury Campus and Brazoria County – Continue to expand to primary and specialty care in the Angleton-Danbury community and Explore facility improvements and expansion in that community and others in south Brazoria County
League City Campus – Expand footprint with space for community outreach, OLLI, academic space, clinical space, research and clinical trials, rehabilitation, dialysis and other services; Re-visit the UMTB-MDA collaboration to maximize patient services on site; Launch “Cancer Survivorships Health Services”; and Enhance local collaborations and partnerships with the community and its health care providers
Clear Lake Campus – Expand existing CLC hospital beds; Open an inpatient pediatric unit (in collaboration with Memorial Health System); ad a pediatric Emergency Room; Grow UTMB Pediatric Specialty Services; Enhance cardiology services and cardiovascular surgery services; Explore collaborative health care services in Jefferson County and other Texas counties in our DSRIP Region 2 in partnership with local hospitals, clinics and provider

Education Mission Expand the size of the SOM entering classes in the Doctor of Medicine and the Physician Assistant Programs Expand the graduate studies program in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Develop graduate-level programs in Bioinformatics Add appropriate advanced degree programs in the Schools of Nursing and Health Professions Enhance the recruitment and retention of research faculty in all schools

Research Mission Enhance UTMB’s investment in research infrastructure, including bioinformatics, space and equipment Continue to grow our investment in basic sciences faculty by recruiting the world’s best, brightest and most innovative investigators Support faculty in their pursuit of memberships in national academies, in acquisition of STAR Awards and prestigious acclaimations Advance the Graduate School’s recruitment of student and post-doctoral fellowship positions through scholarship and competitive salary support

Dr. Raimer opened the floor for any questions or comments. Some topics discussed were: Working with Shriners, a Senator commented about some difficulty in bringing in tools and equipment in/out; Dr. Raimer explained what had happened and UTMB will have a plan going forward; Lipton building, the Custom House, Jamail Center; updates on searches and Dr. Raimer added that he would serve as UTMB President, if nominated; faculty lounge update; update on faculty endowments, pilot and bridging grants; scholarships, stipends, John Sealy Memorial Endowment fund; tuition revenue bond; daycare to mention a few.

Chair Announcements – Nikos Vasilakis Dr. Vasilakis reminded the Senators especially University committee to please review the IHOP that are sent to us by Cecily Martinez in compliance. The policies are located in SharePoint and Mary will send out the link, please respond to any feedback or comments that you have. The Space management policy is an example of one that we indicated that should be reviewed by the Administration and that the Senate had some issues with it.

AE Service Center updates, Dr. Vasilakis asked Loren Skinner to give an update on this topic for February. Also, he talked about materials management area is dissolving and will have future deliveries made to various locations on the campus and researchers worry about items that need refrigeration.

Faculty Lounge, once opened in the Library, we need to utilize it, keep it clean and pick up after ourselves for the next faculty member to come in and use it.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.