UTMB Faculty Senate

JanuAry 14, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 4:35 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair.

Dr. Hughes stated that they have been talking to leadership regarding workload, need for multiple missions. Huron work groups are working on their results and the next Open Forum has been rescheduled from January 16 to Wednesday, January 30, 5-6:00 p.m., Levin Hall South. Dr. Hughes informed the Senators on the next Provost Lecture Series, Dr. Tait Shanafelt, March 19, Levin Hall Dining Room, with breakfast serving at 7am and lecture from 7:30-8:30a.m. Dr. Hughes then introduced our presenter.

UTMB Health Clear Lake Campus Overview – Becky Korenek, SVP, Strategic and Business Planning

Ms. Korenek presented a PowerPoint and here are some highlights from her presentation: Expanding UTMB’s Footprint with a 15-year lease with flexibility to buy the 191-bed hospital. This offer an opportunity for UTMB to expand its capacity to serve patients in one of the fasted-growing markets throughout Texas. This will provide an opportunity to expand clinical training sites and clinical research programs. The hospital has 24/7 emergency room with 23 treatment rooms; Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care Unit beds; 3 Cardiac Catheterization labs; 2 Endoscopy rooms, Perioperative suite; 8 Operating Rooms; and Ancillary support services.

Service Line Approach for Clear Lake Campus: Heart; Neurosciences & Spine; Obstetrics and Comprehensive Women’s Services; Urology; Orthopaedics, General Surgery (primarily community physicians with some support from faculty); Inpatient Pediatrics (future expansion).

Partnering with Community Physicians: We are working to integrate community providers with faculty to support call coverage and medical specialty coverage at UTMB community hospitals. UTMB hired 12 of the Texas Gulf Coast Medical Group providers previously affiliated with the Bay Area Regional Medical Center. The providers began working at UTMB on November 1, 2018. This provides additional sites for clinical educational rotations.

Negotiations with Adjacent Medical Office Building at Clear Lake Campus: Securing space for immediate occupancy of full 4th floor, part of the 3rd floor and mammography center on 1st floor. Immediate plans to relocate Neurosciences and Cardiology from Town Center and OB/Gyn from League City Campus.

Ms. Korenek then answered questions from the Senators, which ranged from what happened to previous owners, payor mix, infusion center issues and call pay.

University Committee proposed resolution. Senator Masel presented his committee’s resolution on Endowments to the Senate for discussion and also the Regents Rule 60202 was also discussed and after discussion, it passed unanimously in favor of the resolution and would be sent to Dr. Bhardwaj and Dr. Callender.

Committee Announcements

Senator Bouyer stated from the Research Support Committee that he serves on they discussed the delays with the MTAs, with only one person and a supervisor processing 400-450 MTAs and indicated some falling within the cracks and only 1 day a week for them to approve, he asked for the Senate support in trying to get this issue resolved and will present a resolution next month.

Senator Dacso updated the Senate from the IPE committee that he was recently appointed to serve on. He stated that the committee is well represented and they are initiating a curriculum map, creating courses for the two programs together. The scholars program has 120 students. He also stated that the new building is offering tours.

Dr. Hughes read the motion from the agenda, was discussed, and passed unanimously (18 votes).

Dr. Hughes indicated that next month’s presenters will be Emma Ramos and Robert Shaffer regarding the Policy on Admin rights on new computers that became effective on 9/1/18.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Faculty Senate Resolution on Endowments:

Whereas the use of endowments for Endowed Academic positions should reflect the values of UTMB;

Whereas endowments are intended to promote the academic pursuits of highly valued faculty, and encourage faculty retention and recruitment;

Whereas endowments are used in accordance with the donor agreements; Whereas endowments are to be used in accordance with the spirit of the intended purpose of the donor;

Whereas the holders of endowments must not accrue excessive operating fund balances as determined by IHOP policy 05.03.03;

Whereas the endowments for Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Fellowships are administered in compliance with UTMB IHOP policy 06.00.05, and the Regents Rules and Regulations, Series 60202;

Resolved, that the Faculty Senate:

1. Challenge the validity of the Presidential 50% rule directive—requiring endowment holders to use the endowment for salary support—based on noncompliance with Regents Rules and Regulations, Series 60202 (Section 3).