UTMB Faculty Senate

January 8, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. George Carayannopoulos, Faculty Senate Chair.

The minutes from December 11, 2017 were voted on and approved by email by January 4, 2018.

Opening Comments – Dr. George Carayannopoulos

Dr. Carayannopoulos introduced Dean Vicki Freeman and Dean Deborah Jones, who then gave the Senate some background information about themselves.  Dr. Niesel gave the Senators an update on what is going on in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.  The SHP is celebrating this year their 50th year and GSBS will be celebrating their 50th year next year.

Dr. Carayannopoulos announced that Dr. Mohamed Morsy has stepped down as a SOM member of the Senate.  

Dr. Carayannopoulos announced that Chancellor McRaven will be stepping down.

Dr. Carayannopoulos asked the Education Committee to find someone to serve on the Education Strategic Plan Committee.  Later is was determined in subcommittees meeting that Dr. Brent Kelly and Dr. Rachel Ellis will serve on this committee, alternating to be sure that someone is able to attend the meetings since the dates and times were not announced.

Dr. Carayannopoulos announced that he received an email from a faculty member inquiring about the National Academy of Medicine, where they were asking for commitment statements on clinician well-being.  Dr. Carayannopoulos followed up and received an email from Dr. Callender stating that the UT System sent this document to the National Academy of Medicine on behalf of the 14 component universities.

Questions polled from Senators for Deans

Dr. Freeman provided a handout and answered questions regarding this question: Please update us on where the faculty practice money in SHP is going. 

Follow-Up on Publication Costs – Senator Kelly Dineley and Past Chair Suzanne Alton

Dr. Dineley and Dr. Alton updated the Senators on the Publications Costs and stated that the faculty will need to increase their budget dollars when submitting their grants.  The Department Chairs has the discretion as to whether to help their faculty with publishing costs.

The Research Committee will collect some data and poll the schools and return to the Senate with their results at a future Senate meeting, perhaps to present a resolution or suggestions.  Dr. Bhardwaj suggested presenting a plan to the Council of Chairs.


Dr. Alton reported the Ombudsperson Dr. Cooper provided with additional information about his previous report.  He worked with about 23 faculty members to find solutions, and in about half of those, he was able to.  He additionally referred faculty to the appropriate resource.            

Dr. Pine discussed a Faculty Senate Badge, which the senators were all in favor of.

Dr. Bhardwaj announced to the Senate that the Provost has invited Dr. Christina Maslach, who was the speaker for the Burnout/Resilience held at MD Anderson and will be the Provost lecturer in February.  She will be meeting with UTMB faculty and will attending the February Faculty Senate meeting.

Dr. Carayannopoulos state that the February meeting will include Dr. Callender and Dr. Maslach and to send in your questions by January 22nd.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:07 pm, followed by the committees meeting.