UTMB Faculty Senate
January 9, 2017

I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Suzanne Alton, Faculty Senate Chair

II. The minutes from December 12, 2016 were voted on and approved by email by December 20, 2016.

III. President David Callender

Dr. Callender addressed the two questions sent to him prior to the meeting. The first question was asking about our relationship with Memorial Hermann system, with regards to clinical activities, competing services and possible impact on UTMB faculty. Dr. Callender stated that we have had conversations with Memorial Hermann for some time and are negotiating a contract, and this would be part of a greater network. They are building in the Pinnacle Park off of I-45 and will have imaging, primary care and urgent care, and UTMB is considering moving our ambulatory surgery from League City hospital to their new center. This will make room for more complex and inpatient surgeries for our hospital. UTMB is expected to staff some of the positions in the new Memorial Hermann setting. Dr. Callender stated phase 2 for the League City Hospital will be presented to the Regents in May, and phase 3 is a concept now and will depend on population growth.

Dr. Pine asked about how to get blocks of time at the League City hospital OR; his openings for elective surgeries are out four months away, and patients are cancelling their appointments with UTMB and going to other locations for treatment at a much shorter time frame. Dr. Callender asked that Dr. Pine send him an email, and he will look into this.

Dr. Callender was asked if the MD Anderson layoffs will affect them coming to League City, and he stated no. The agreement is still on, and the MD Anderson group should be moving to League City in 2017.

Dr. Pine asked about compensation plan in regards to education and is concerned that clinicians will be less active in educational activities since they receive little education effort in their FTE. Dr. Callender stated that Dr. Lieberman is still working with the compensation plan and that Paul Bristol would be another contact to ask specific questions. Dr. Carayannopoulos stated that he and Dr. Berman from the clinical committee met with their Department of Internal Medicine leadership and discussed FTE; they found out that the FTE is calculated differently in every department. They will present their specific FTE concerns to Paul Bristol, who is expected to attend the April Faculty Senate meeting.

Dr. Callender mentioned the quick action of UTMB employees during the recent fire and that only 4 employees were treated with mild smoke inhalation.

When asked about how the political climate will affect UTMB, Dr. Callender said for the upcoming Legislative session that higher education is at the bottom of the list. We expect to make cuts but not sure of the amount. Dr. Raimer will be in Austin representing our interests and keeping us informed.

The second question sent to Dr. Callender ahead of this meeting was regarding publication costs, “open access” charges. Dr. Callender stated we need to consider what is best for UTMB with limited funds. . He has asked Dr. Niesel and Dr. Jacobs to take a look at this along with department chairs. Dr. Niesel sent Dr. Alton an email to forward on to the Senators on 1/10/17, an email with 3 attachments: Inside Higher ed PLOS; NIH public access; and UTMB publications.

IV. Executive Committee

Dr. Alton indicated that Senator Heidi Spratt was the nominee for the Senate’s member for the Strategic Research Group and this membership will rotate on an annual basis, starting in January of each year.

Dr. Alton presented the Senators with our revised Faculty Senate website; we now have the Report Card and the Ombudsman contact information on the home page. Dr. Alton also mentioned the MLK Service Award Ceremony and Luncheon on Friday, January 13th, and if you wish to attend you will need to rsvp.

Dr. Alton mentioned the email that she had sent out on January 9th to the Senators, regarding the AAC’s draft policy on Teacher Learner Conduct from Dr. Ainsworth, please forward any comments to her by January 31.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 to allow the ROTA Nominating Committee to review the applications.