UTMB Faculty Senate Minutes

July 13, 2020


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM by Dr. Nikos Vasilakis, Faculty Senate Chair

Safety Measures and Security – Chief Ken Adcox, VP and Chief, University Police https://www.utmb.edu/police/. Chief Adcox sent the UT Police Use of Force Policy to the Senators.

The University Police Department is a full service for all UTMB property on the four campuses and clinics and include the badge office, access control, cameras, campus 911, dispatch and have 50 licensed police officers, that are equivalent to a state trooper. They also had to take the 8-in-8 mandatory vacation.

Safe App go to Google play store or apple – Download UTMB Safe. It is the official safety app of UTMB. The app features emergency contacts, crisis alerts, crisis alerts and more.

Chief Adcox discussed the training they go thru and annual training and their training is 3 times the amount of what the state mandates and yes, some have martial arts training. The University Police Department is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) accredited which is the Gold Standard in Public Safety and have been for 9 years. https://www.calea.org/.

Chief Research Officer (CRO) Reorg and Update – Dr. Randy Urban, VP and Chief Research Officer

Dr. Urban presented a PPT presentation and here are a few highlights: COVID-19 Research Funding at UTMB, 162 proposals submitted valued at $76.4 million and 53 proposals funded for a total of $19.9 million, more than 5,000 articles highlighting UTMB’s research enterprise and 21 publications accepted or published since January 2020. COVID-19 Collaborations, we really learned to worked together as teams. https://research.utmb.edu/covid-19-research/covid-19-research-updates

Spring Research Retreat, we will have small group goals and cover: Research Bioinformatics and Data Science at UTMB; Collaborations; Emerging Science; Support for Research; Talent and Recruitment; and Commercialization and Entrepreneurship.

Next Steps: Identify priorities and needs for FY21; Small groups continue to meet to complete action items; and continual evaluation of implemented projects.

Innovation Space in the HEC, thanks to Dr. Southerland and Dr. Mouton, we have a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs and meeting space for learning and networking.

Blackstone LaunchPad powered by techstars. This is a national network which new includes multiple UT System schools and UTMB is the first Launchpad site in the Houston metro area. It works with existing campus resources to catalyze ventures and will focus on building skills and networks by: • Coaching and mentoring • Community of innovators and collaborators • Experiential training • Events and competitions For more information about this you can contact Alisha Goldberg @ argoldbe@umb.edu

For the reorganization, Dr. Urban stated to keep this separate from the CRO, they have a new position created, AVP Regulatory Affairs, and this person will report to Dr. Charles Mouton.

Committee Reports

University Committee stated that they are reviewing the IHOP; day care center on hold.

Research Committee, Senator stated that the Research Committee they serve on have their meeting with Dr. Urban tomorrow.

Clinical Committee, nothing new to report, and talking about elective procedures.

Education Committee stated their meeting with McGoff on the HEC is on hold.

Dr. Vasilakis asked that the Committees meet via Teams, Skype whenever possible. A Senator had asked if he would make some time during these meetings for these break-out sessions. Update: Someone from each committee would have to set these skype/teams/zoom meetings for their group.

Chair Comments – Dr. Vasilakis Dr. Vasilakis thanked Dr. Dacso for the letter went out to the students and that was forwarded to the Senators last month.

For our August meeting, we have asked Dr. Alfredo Torres to talk about the new Diversity plan.

We have two out of the four schools finished with their elections for the new Senators and the two other schools should be finished mid-July. The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm.