UTMB Faculty Senate

JULY 8, 2019


I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair.

II. Faculty Attrition Data – Marquelyn Ward and Philesha Evans

Philesha and Marquelyn presented an Excel Spreadsheet of the Academic Enterprise (AE) Faculty Data for Retention and Turnover, which shows each school and their numbers from 2016-2019 along with the trends. The “Click” software that they now use, they can drill down and get more information as needed and can provide meaningful and measurable data.

They also presented a PowerPoint of the Rolling 12 Month Retention for the Total Academic Enterprise, for Faculty AE, Non-Faculty AE, Female Faculty, Reported Injuries/Exposures at UTMB and BBP Events for AE. Each of the slides also had action plans, to see what needs further review and to be addressed. They can come back to the Senate and bring more data, just let them know. Dr. Torres stated that he has been inquiring about minority faculty data for a while and HR will be able to get this data. A Senator inquired about Faculty Exit Questionnaire and Victor Moreno stated that they have provided in the past and can provide the Senate with any updates they want. Philesha also indicated that it is voluntary for the Faculty leaving UTMB to complete and HR does not want to make it mandatory. Also, the Faculty Exit Questionnaire will be getting revamped.

III. Leadership Training – Marlon Sukal Marlon presented a PowerPoint of HR’s Talent and Organizational Development. At present, they have training for Individual Contributors; Managers and Above; and Directors and Above. They also have Leadership Academy and Foundation Management Training Programs. These programs can be customized for faculty and HR would like faculty feedback on what you want to see for Faculty Development. The last slide was Coaching for Emerging Leaders, an internal one-on-one coaching program to prepare the next generation of multigenerational leaders of UTMB. Participants of this training included coaches and emerging leaders with activities that included: assessments, 360, conflict management, emotional intelligence and include six months of coaching.

Faculty Mentoring was mentioned and Dr. Bhardwaj stated that the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (OFAPD) offers Mentoring through our three Academies: Master Clinicians, Research Mentors and Master Teachers and this is for all schools. He also mentioned that this office sends out notifications for faculty development from AAMC and ELAM. Dr. Bhardwaj also indicated that OFAPD has formed a Wellness Task Force and will have more information to come.

IV. Chair-Elect Dr. Bruce Leonard, School of Nursing, our nominee for Chair-Elect was voted in with unanimous support. Dr. Leonard will become Chair-Elect in September.

V. Chair Announcements – Lynne Hughes Dr. Hughes stated that the Endowment resolution has not been discussed at a Regent’s meeting at this time. Dr. Hughes recently met with Toby Boening, VP and Chief Compliance Officer to discuss the survey gathered from other UT institutions and she pointed out to him that eve faculty covering their salary 100% from outside sources are having endowments reduced for salary. They will meet again in a few weeks. There was discussion and concern from the Senators and at present, will wait to hear back from Dr. Hughes and from UT System.

The monthly budget report for June has not been finalized in time for this meeting.

The MTA Resolution Update. Dr. Hughes met with Carolee King and stated that if you do not hear a response, to email her. They have a secondary signatory and signs on the MTA’s more than once a week. Ms. King is going to pull average time for completion and will send to Dr. Hughes. Also, Ms. King is willing to come and talk to the Senate.

VI. Motion Dr. Hughes brought the motion up for discussion and numerous questions came up and we ran out of time and will take the motion to the August meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 pm.