Faculty Senate Minutes

June 10, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair.

Chair Announcements

Dr. Hughes stated that the iSpace to SharePoint Transition presentation is cancelled for today, due to a family emergency. A handout containing some links and a timeline of what they wanted to discuss today was distributed.

Dr. Hughes had no new updates on the Endowment resolution, which is supposed to be discussed at an upcoming Regents meeting and no updates from System but is continuing to receive responses from UTFAC members. At UTMB, there is 8.5 million dollars in endowed academic positions for FY19 and 3.5 million covered salaries for FY19.

The Senate received a monthly financial report and was reviewed by the Senators and we are doing better than expected. At an upcoming meeting with the finance team, they will ask about the “Office of the EVP– Provost”, which is budgeted in FY19 is 31.8 million; to find out more about this budget. Also, they want to discuss the two reports that they receive, why they do not match, how do they project the numbers.

Dr. Hughes and Dr. Masel, chair of the University Committee are reviewing the IHOP policies that are sent to them and to date most of the revisions are just minor changes.

Dr. Hughes brought up the Information Security and Privacy Compliance Committee Meeting turned it over to Dr. Hilton who mentioned the last meeting and asked if there is anything to take back to this committee? A question was asked, what if you share patient scans to another colleague by text, is this allowed, someone talked about the app Haiku. Also, they asked about their personal Gmail and if they send work files to their Gmail to work on at home; is their Gmail account no longer personal and can be viewed by UTMB?

Dr. Hughes indicated that there are no new updates on the MTA resolution, still pending review of where the MTAs are getting delayed, etc., and they will report back.

Dr. Hughes brought from the Bylaws, the Composition of the Membership of the Faculty Senate. Do we know how they received these numbers? The Bylaws states: “each School (GSBS, SHP, SOM and SON) shall be represented in the Senate. The number of representatives from each school shall be as follows: GSBS (6), SHP (5), SOM (10) and SON (5).” Discussion about having equal representation in all 4 schools and say with 7 representatives from each school. A motion was made to review and revise the numbers and then discuss and vote at our July meeting. An email will be sent to the Senators to review for the upcoming meeting. The motion was seconded. We hope to have this discussed and voted on at the July meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:57 pm.