UTMB Faculty Senate
June 12, 2017

I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Suzanne Alton, Faculty Senate Chair

II. The minutes from May 8, 2017 were voted on and approved by email on May 24, 2017.

III. Faculty Turnover and Metrics Used, Faculty Exit Survey and Faculty Evaluations – Dr. Jacobs and Dr. McKinley

Dr. Jacobs introduced his staff, Ms. Michelle Moreno, Mr. Victor Moreno and Mr. Loren Skinner and Dr. Ian Barrett with Dr. McKinley. Dr. Jacobs presented the Senate with a PowerPoint presentation along with several handouts (Faculty Turnover by school) which includes all categories for separation.

Faculty Exit Interview Process. Dr. McKinley introduced the Employee Exit Checklist (handout distributed), which has on the form, a link to the faculty exit interview that was requested by Faculty Senate. It is new and located on the HR website, https://hr.utmb.edu/employees/ under the tab, Leaving UTMB. When you click on the Faculty Exit Interview Survey, it takes you to the Ombudsperson website, where the survey is located here.

ePerformance and 360° Evaluations. Questions about the 360 degree evaluations of administrators were explained by the Provost and his staff. These evaluations require at least 70% response rates, and are confidential. They are reviewed with the administrator’s supervisor. Faculty can also request that a person or the supervisor of the person click “nominate participants” in ePerformance to obtain evaluation feedback from others. Dr. Jacobs would like to see this used more.

Policy 05.05.01 will stand, that it is “used for merit review prior to each operating budget cycle” because review of workload compensation and incentives constitute a type of evaluation, and are part of the B2 section of salary (Market and performance based component). In addition, a comprehensive salary review is done annual to benchmark UTMB’s salaries to local and regional markets, and Chairs/Deans may request salary adjustment recommendation to the Provost and President on the B2 component.

The Opportunity Rule (UTS 187). Dr. McKinley is UTMB’s representative for The Opportunity Rule (UTS 187), implemented in 2016 by UT System. He summarized the rule for the Senators.

Faculty Turnover. Dr. Jacobs stated the turnover in Internal Medicine is being addressed with Dr. Urban, the Chair of the Department. Dr. Jacobs reports that ALL faculty separations are tracked, including small departments. Dr. Protas was queried about the turnover in the PA program, and she reported they are actively recruiting. The handouts of faculty turnover graphs for the SHP, SOM and SON were distributed to all meeting attendees.

SON/SHP FPP Resolution. Dr. Jacobs addressed the concerns by the Senate’s recent Faculty Practice Resolution. The issue preventing practice of some faculty members is the cost UTMB hospital pays for clinical services is less than what some Assistant, Associate and Professor earn teaching. Dr. Jacobs plans to meet with Ms. Sollenberger and Ms. McGrew to discuss the current clinical practice market rate, and will inform Dr. Alton the results of this meeting. When asked about potential opportunities for UTMB to subsidize the portion of salary gap between clinical hourly work and teaching responsibilities in order to practice for certification reasons as well as to stay current in the profession, Dr. Jacobs stated that legislative cuts to our budget are challenging right now.

IV. Announcements

Dr. Alton welcomed Dr. Elizabeth Lyons and Ronald Tilton to the senate. They are completing the term for senator’s Loftin and Cong.

Dr. Spratt updated the Senate on the Strategic Research Group, which she is the member from the Faculty Senate. At their last meeting, they discussed the publication costs and trying to find ways to cover the $3,000 - $5,000 costs. The goal is to get a list of higher ranked journals with lower publication costs available for the faculty. Capital fund excess were applied to requests from across UTMB. The process requires more information than was provided and this will be improved for next year, in order to be fair.

Dr. Alton provided a written report on the School’s diversity goals. Dr. Protas said she will forward SHP goals to her as they were not received.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm