UTMB Faculty Senate

March 11, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair

Chair Announcements – Dr. Hughes informed the Senators that Huron’s has made some changes and they are scheduled to meet with all schools. The department meetings are to be finalized this week. Dr. Mouton will schedule a SOM-wide meeting, followed by two sessions, tailored to Clinical departments and coordinating specific meetings dates with the Basic Science departments. Huron will be presenting at the April Faculty Senate meeting. Endowment resolution update. Dr. Hughes contacted UT System and they stated 12 out of the 14 institutions are using their endowments for salary and stated that the Regents Rule will be revised. Dr. Hughes is working on a statement to go to UTS. Dr. Callender will be reaching out to the Dean’s and Chairs to see how the current policy is being applied; will recommend guidelines and will ask the Senate for input. Faculty lounges. These lounges are for faculty use only and not for your team to go with you to utilize them. You need to clean up after yourselves. Housekeeping has to clean several times a day. Senator commented on the one behind the cafeteria, does not have any water or towels to clean the table after use. Provost Search should be finished by July. Dr. Hughes brought up the Admin-at-risk incentive plan. For the You Count goals, Mr. Marlon Sukal will be going to all of the departments to check on their faculty goals and to see what steps are being taken. Dr. Hughes has met with Dustin Thomas in asking to see about the faculty receiving meaningful financial reports. Dr. Hughes also updated the Senators with Faculty On-Call and trying to park in Jennie Sealy. The parking meter system had a glitch in its system and had to be reset and parking office is trying to reload the faculty on call list, but to be sure they have your name, you may want to call the parking office and ask that your name be reassigned to park there in the evenings for your On-Call service. Dr. Hilton is our new Senator who will attend the Institutional Security and Privacy Compliance Committee.

Research Committee Proposed Resolution. The committee discussed and proposed a draft resolution on Material Transfer Agreements and received some suggestions and the committee will finalize and send back to the Senate for approval/votes.

Committee Update

University committee will work on drafting a resolution on evaluations. Also they were wondering what the chair’s goals are and if they could be shared with the departmental faculty.

Clinical committee talked about the incentive plan and the MOAs and MD Anderson’s collaboration and will seek more information to bring back to the Senate.

Education committee talked about the new Education building; Standardized patients and that the SHP does not have any access. Dr. Rojas asked Dr. Hughes to see if Dr. Szauter could be invited to present at our May meeting.

Research committee is working on the MTA resolution and talked about the Huron FCIP and announced that Research Day is coming up, if you have any questions to contact him.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:13 pm.