UTMB Faculty Senate Minutes

March 12, 2018

  1. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. George Carayannopoulos, Faculty Senate Chair.


  1. The minutes from February 12 were voted on and approved by email by March 1, 2018.


  1. Chair Discussion/Comments – Dr. George Carayannopoulos
  • Dr. Carayannopoulos announced that Senator Gwyn Richardson received two recognitions: 5 Star patient rating for the past 6 months and the Clinical Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Dr. Carayannopoulos announced that Dr. Rojas has been appointed to the institution-wide Steering Committee, with the Faculty Affairs and Professional Development office.  
  • Dr. Carayannopoulos announced that they recently met with Dr. Callender regarding the resolution for Senator’s Pine idea for a Senator badge and will take the next steps.
  • Senator Tilton reminded the Senate that Research Day is scheduled for April 30th in Levin Hall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Dr. Carayannopoulos asked about having a table set up for the Faculty Senate and asked if any Senators would take some time to be stationed there and answer any questions faculty may have about the Faculty Senate.  Dr. Carayannopoulos will have a sign-up sheet sent out asking for Senators to write their name down on a time slot.  Dr. Tilton indicated a registration form to fill out (to date, link was not working).  Dr. Carayannopoulos also stated that he would like to have some flyers on the table about the Faculty Senate. 
  • Senator Pine commented about Wellness and mentioned Fit Bit, working with big companies, to set some physical activity challenges.
  1. IV.    Status Update – Dr. David Callender, President         
  • Dr. Callender discussed concerns and challenges facing academic medical centers, such as UTMB, in education, research and patient care. He specifically talked about lower reimbursement rates for clinical care.
  • UTMB is committed to maintaining our academic integrity; we need to produce more graduates; we need to hire more full-time faculty.
  • We are continuing to look at collaborations, business partners as new models for doing business.
  • We are asking “what makes most sense to achieve our mission?”; we need to define our options and keep moving forward.
  • Right now, we are hitting our patient volumes; our expenses have got to come down, and we are working diligently on that.
  • The search for a Dean of the School of Medicine is on hold for now because of our financial challenges.
  • Working to improve opportunities for shared governance with faculty members; increasing work on institutional committees; identifying more ways to represent the institution.
  • Goal is to ultimately get faculty compensation to the 65th percentile, which represents about a $40 million investment; working our way toward that goal to ensure that faculty compensation at UTMB is competitive.
  • Best Care remains a top priority.  We’ve made tremendous progress and are working to sustain our five-star rating.
  • Senator Pine asked how we can inspire faculty and mentioned a Ted.com talk.  Here is the link:


The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 pm.