UTMB Faculty Senate
March 13, 2017

I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Suzanne Alton, Faculty Senate Chair

II. The minutes from February 13, 2017 were voted on and approved by email on March 2, 2017.

III. IHOP Policy 05.05.01 – Cecily Martinez, JD Associate Compliance Attorney, Office of Institutional Compliance and Dr. John McKee, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness

Ms. Martinez and Dr. McKee addressed each of the questions that the Senators had submitted. Dr. McKee and Ms. Martinez will make some revisions to the draft policy. Ms. Martinez will research the definitions of meets and exceeds expectations. Dr. Alton will ask the Provost to clarify how work evaluations are linked to the faculty compensation plan, and about the progress of standardizing meets and exceeds across the schools. Several schools and departments (SHP, GSBS, SON) have been notified that “exceeds” is to be used so rarely that it almost doesn’t exist- if so, why have it? Some departments in SOM have used “exceeds” more liberally, although this is department specific. If these evaluations are being used for compensation then the definitions need to be standardized across schools and departments.

IV. Global Health Programs Governance structure and goals; Legislative Update – Dr. Ben Raimer, Executive Director, Global Health and Senior Vice President, Health Policy and Legislative Affairs

Dr. Raimer distributed a handout. Here are some highlights from his discussion:

Institute for Community and Global Health Opportunities.

Mission: Improve community world health through innovative and collaborative partnerships utilizing inter-professional education, research, clinical care and service learning.

Vision: We envision a world in which all people are able to reach their maximum health potential and in which health equity becomes a reality.

Values: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Equity and Service

Coordinating Center for Global Health Initiatives and Opportunities Advisory Council 2017

Charge: The Advisory Council will provide program oversight for the Coordinating Center for Global Health Initiatives and Opportunities (CCGH). The Council will establish priorities and directions for CCGH and develop a sustainability plan.

Faculty interested in projects in new areas are to contact Dr. Raimer about feasibility.

Dr. Raimer presented the Senate with a PowerPoint presentation on a Legislative Update, and reviewed the major issues, the state budget picture, and the House and Senate budget proposals. Proposed cuts to UTMB and indigent health care are substantial.

UTMB’s FY18-19 Legislative Appropriations Request

Restoration of reductions and Special Items; HB1 – $26M and SB1– $42M

Conversion of existing health system funding to a hospital formula to provide stability

Growth in formula funding

New Special Item: Excellence in Infectious Disease Research, Treatment and Biosafety - $12M

$12M Trans-Texas Vaccine Institute

Create an institute to support projects that expedite the development and production of vaccines for the most significant 21st century diseases, namely chronic infectious and non-infectious diseases.

The institute will bring research, development and production entities together to maximize the impact of expertise found throughout Texas’ higher education community.

V. Senate Survey – George Carayannopoulos, MD, Chair-Elect

Dr. Carayannopoulos distributed the results of the Senator survey and gave an overview of the outcome.

Top 3 positives: Colleagues; Flexibility/variety of work opportunities: clinical, teaching, research; and Benefits

Top 3 negatives: Lack of support/appreciation; Workload; Administration/leadership

Overall satisfaction: 5.5 of 7 score with 75 % have some degree of satisfaction and only 12.5% somewhat dissatisfied (no dissatisfied or very dissatisfied)

Next steps: Not clear, will be addressed again next month.

VI. Announcements– Suzanne Alton, DNP, Chair

Dr. Alton briefly reviewed the findings on the physician burnout survey and requested an ad-hoc committee to discuss the results and what the Senate will ask of President Callender as a result of the findings. Drs. Walker and Killic volunteered. Dr. Alton presented a request from Dr. Torres about Diversity – making it a University goal in addition to its current University value. There were questions and discussion about this, so Dr. Alton will contact Dr. Torres for more detail.

A question about faculty exit interviews was asked- They are currently being done by the ombudsperson, who will be asked for an update by Dr. Alton.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15.