UTMB Faculty Senate

MAY 13, 2019


I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair.

II. Dr. Hughes welcomed our guest presenters.

III. Health Education Center (HEC) and Professional Development – Dr. John McKee presenting on Dr. Janet Southerland’s behalf and provided a handout to the Senators.

HEC Update:

Dr. Southerland and her staff are in the process of moving in, equipment arriving daily to be set up. The opening of the building will occur in a few weeks. The new Director of Simulation position should be filled soon.

The tentative move dates are targeted as follows:

June 2019: Anesthesiology, Respiratory Care, Ob/Gyn, SON and Pediatrics

July 2019: SP Center, OT/PT and SP SON

Professional Development Update:

The HEC leadership is actively looking for ideas and initiatives for faculty professional development around the topics of interprofessional education and simulation education.

There are several initiatives on faculty professional development

Dr. Torres is coordinating an initiative with the Academies and looking for participation from faculty

Dr. Southerland has a group actively looking to develop professional development curricula focused on interprofessional education and simulation.

Looking for ideas that could lead to faculty development of learning opportunities for students in an interprofessional environment and employing simulation techniques.

Let Dr. Southerland of your interest.

Dr. McKee answered questions, like the building hours, opened from 6:00am - 9:00pm, SHP scheduling dates, not known at this time and about the new Director position, FCIP service or education, what are the avenues for this?

IV. Sick Leave Pool Policy and Administration Changes – Kathleen O’Neill, Director, HR Employee and Occupational Health and Tony Edmond, Director, HR Benefits and Employee Services

Ms. O’Neill and Mr. Edmond, presented a PowerPoint Presentation and here are some highlights from their presentation for IHOP 3.6.11:


• Revise policy to be consistent with the Texas Government Code and UT System regulations;

Expand sick leave pool withdrawal guidelines to include recovery periods; and Form a five-person committee to review requests for sick leave pool, with oversight from a Medical Director


• Revise IHOP 3.6.11; update sick leave pool application and physician certification, form committee to review applications, apply MD Guidelines by the Reed Group as the determinant for return to work and recovery time benchmarking; review applicant accruals within the Kronos timekeeping system; establish a case management system to evaluate the sick leave pool program; and increase solicitation of sick leave pool donation as part of the employee retirement/resignation process

Other They indicated that UTMB budgets vacation and holidays, but not sick leave

V. Chair Announcements Dr. Hughes updated the Senators of the Endowment resolution, which has been sent to UT System and asked for faculty voice prior to revising the Regent Rules policy. University of Texas System Faculty Advisory Council (UTSFAC) was sent a statement of the UTMB issue with endowments and are asked to investigate the use of endowments on each of their campuses. Once this information is gathered then will sent a statement to UT System and Regents. At UTMB, there is 8.5 million dollars in endowed academic positions for FY19 and 3.5 million covered salaries for FY19.

At the recent UTSFAC meeting they discussed the free speech, Chicago and FAC will develop a statement on philosophy, there was discussion with the Senate on this topic. Also discussed at the UTSFAC was grievance policies on campus; burnout on campuses and noted that burnout goes up higher with the increase of workload; quality leadership and meaningful evaluation needs to be based on goals and accountability; student health insurance premiums are going up; recent survey came back on Academic Quality – students reported lack of didactic quality on medical campuses; and Presidential search policy –recommendation made that the campus search committee define desired qualities of candidate to match campus mission and vision.

The Senate receives a monthly financial report from Dustin and was reviewed by the Senators and we are doing better than expected. A senator raised a question asking for what all is included in that amount, for the line item “Office of the EVP– Provost”, budgeted in FY19 is 31.8 million?

Dr. Hughes indicated that the Faculty Senate’s University Committee is reviewing IHOP policies and to date most of the revisions are editorial.

Dr. Hughes mentioned that the Executive Committee meet with Dr. Mouton and Dr. Callender and discussed the MTA resolution and they were informed that this is currently under review to see where the MTAs are getting delayed, etc., and will report back.

Dr. Hughes mentioned the upcoming Chair-Elect position and it sounds like we may have a SON Senator nomination.

Also brought up by Senators indicating that it would be helpful if UTMB held Orientation for new Researchers, most of them get their lab and or office going with little assistance on knowing what to do next, also where do they go for training, i.e., blackboard, IRB, etc.; also mentioned was the You Count results and how do we build trust.

VI. Committee Announcements

Clinical committee mentioned they are discussing topics such as burnout; clinical increase in workload; not a lot of clarity from the consultants; faculty lounge; FCIP; less staffing; Clear Lake; reduction of entertainment expenses; and mid-year targets and adjustments.

University committee has been reviewing numerous IHOP policies, no real issues; faculty lounge; transparency for faculty on the FCIP; You Count suggestion of vision and where we are.

Education committee mentioned can we train nurses in the clinical rotation and have both providers, NP and PA in the hospitals; request for collaboration for IPE and how to facilitate this translational & IP.

Research committee announced that they have concerns over the recent announcement of AE service center, centralizing all purchasing, travel, reimbursement and removing from the departments; new faculty website, ITS and team science and will reach out to Dr. Urban, Dr. Niesel and Melody Moore; research enterprise and hurricane preparedness.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:09 pm.