UTMB Faculty Senate

November 12, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Lynne Hughes, Faculty Senate Chair. 

Dr. Hughes asked for a SON Senator, to serve on the Executive Committee, so all schools are represented.  Senator Jackie Aoughsten accepted.  Dr. Hughes discussed a few slides from the Huron Academic Portfolio Work Team presentation.  One of the slides was Governance Academic Enterprise, which show the list of faculty who serve on the Teams. Another slide was the Portfolio Model and lastly, the Program Portfolio slide. Dr. Hughes then introduced our presenters.

Faculty Retention – Bo Stults, Associate Vice President, HR Services and Process Improvement         

        Bo presented HR’s new Dashboard to the Senate, from FY14-18 and listing each of the schools and their each organization’s turnover rates.  HR also examined attrition (termination & transfer-out) differences between schools. The last chart (shown below), the Reasons for Separations.  Discussion followed his presentation.  One of the discussions was the cost to hire a faculty member vs. retaining a faculty member.  Dr. Carayannopoulos stated that Tate Shanafelt had mentioned that to replace a clinical member is $500,000-$1 million. Another topic was the Faculty Exit Survey, are we asking the faculty member who is leaving “what could we have done to retain you,” which is one of the 13 questions listed on the exit survey. Faculty Ombudsmperson Exit Survey.  A Senator asked, do we have information on the other UT Schools and Bo responded, that this information (Saratoga program) does not have access to the other UT Schools.

This table represents pure separations (no transfers) for same time period for benefit eligible separations since 9-1-2013. It removes PBL's, WOS, etc. Any faculty member who had an FTE is not included.


Action   Reason
Grand Total
Transfer Another State Agency619 25
Resignation-Other Position419124
End of   Contract118 19
Family Reasons19 10
Death 7 7
Termination   - ORP 123
Resigned While on Leave 3 3
Completion of Training 3 3
Unsatisfactory Performance 2 2
Termination   - TRS 112
Return to   School 1 1
Dissatisfied   with Pay 1 1
Grant   Funding/Project Ending 1 1
Grand Total2620613245


You Count Results, AE – Marlon Sukal, PhD, MBA, Director, Talent and Organizational Development, Human Resources

Dr. Sukal presented a PPT from Press Ganey You Count Survey and here are some highlights from his presentation.

      Survey May – June 2018, Response Rate:  40%

      15 Items placed into tiers for action plan.

Discussion from this slide: it appears that Senior Management are happy however, Nursing, Physicians and Teaching Faculty are not.

Dr. Sukal indicated that if there are at least 5 responses for that area, then they can drill down and get more information.           


         Senator Mrazek serves on the Faculty Lounge committee and announced that the proposed space for the new faculty lounge is the 3rd floor of the Moody Medical Library.  It’s potentially a very large space of approximately 6000 sq. ft. that would contain areas for social gathering, collaboration, and break-out sessions.  There will be a coffee bar with plans currently for coffee, tea, and some snacks.  A galley kitchen is included in the plan and food could be brought in for catered events.  At this time there is no budget or plan for hot food to be served regularly.  The hours would be the same as those of the library.  UTMB is currently seeking additional input from faculty, so please send any comments or questions to me so that these can be passed along at mdmrazek@utmb.edu.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 pm.