Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm, by Dr. Bruce Leonard, Faculty Senate Chair

President Update – Dr. Ben Raimer, President ad interim Dr. Raimer provided an update of the following: Kicking off with financial information with September and October in the positive and if we have another month like these, hopefully we will be able to unfreeze some commitments. UTMB has had it highest enrollment to date, 3400, a 70% increase since 2008. UTMB and its employees managed the pandemic and provided the best quality care. Research, we had five tests brought to UTMB and had our lab testing over 2000 tests, that we were paid to do. 28 million dollars in grants received and the GNL taught us how to care and protect our own. Dr. Weaver and Dr. Vasilakis received grants. Sealy and Smith foundation awarded UTMB with various endowments, Covid and diabetes research dollars, and money to update the St Vincent’s clinic and TDCJ building, we are so ever grateful. Alumni now include our resident graduates. A Star award was recently given to Dr. Tang. We finished our fundraising with now we will be able to provide some faculty and study endowments, as we had a donor give $5.5 million to student scholarships, which will provide 5-6 medical students attend medical student without any cost. Marketing and Communication is bringing forth new billboards, you can see them now on the mainland and more to come. UTMB faculty have published 4 articles recently in Lancet. We want to be more transparent and Dr. Torres and Dr. Lauree Thomas are overseeing Diversity along with HR. We envision growth in Research with brain health, neurology to mention a few. Clear Lake, League City and Angleton Danbury are successful and growing. Danbury has purchased 188 acres and will have a campus there and will have Urgent Care and an office building. Eventually there will be a new hospital and plans for a satellite campus. Also, we will be announcing soon our two new department chairs.

Dr. Raimer announced a faculty event coming December 10, 8:00-10:00am, join Dr. Raimer and have a cup of coffee at the new Faculty Lounge, located on the 3rd floor, Moody Medical Library. A few questions was asked of Dr. Raimer and it was day care and also the target date for faculty optional retirement.

Announcements - Dr. Leonard Dr. Leonard stated that we need to have all of the Senators register with Zoom and to do so using your utmb.edu emails and not a personal email. We want to have breakout sessions for the 4 committees but cannot do this using personal emails. Also, we need for the committees to appoint their chairs and some need co-chairs (Clinical, Education, Research and University), please let Mary know who you have selected.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.