UTMB Faculty Senate
October 12, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm, by Dr. Bruce Leonard, Faculty Senate Chair, immediately following Orientation for New Senators

Financial Update – Cheryl Sadro, CPA, MSM, EVP, Chief Business & Finance Officer

Here are a few highlights from her presentation and PowerPoint.
Looking Ahead 
Legislative Session begins January 12, 2021, our legislative priorities are:
$831,500: Restore 5% reductions for FY22/23
$306M: Continued/Permanent Status for UTMB’s Mission Specific Health System Formula 
$8M: New Center for Infectious Diseases Preparedness and Response at UTMB
Protect and Grow formula funding for HRIs
BPCI (Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced)
CMS Voluntary Bundled Payment Pilot Project (General Medicare patients only); possible mandatory by 2025
Program measures cost of care from day of UTMB inpatient admit to 90 days post discharge compared to a defined cost target for the region; payment back to CMS if not meeting target goal
Biggest Savings Opportunities: 
Placement in most appropriate Next-Site-of-Care (Home or Skilled Nursing versus more expensive LTACH and Inpatient Rehab)
Smooth inpatient to outpatient care transition to prevent patient readmissions

 Senator Hilton asked for a breakdown by school and Ms. Sadro stated that Gabe Hernandez can provide this for you.

Supply Chain Transformation – Chris Toomes, VP, Supply Chain
Here are a few highlights from his presentation and PowerPoint
Where we are going:
  Strategic in focus – Aligned with Health System Research and AE goals
  Vendor controls implemented
  Focused on clinical integration and value analysis
  Automation (Peoplesoft, Pyxis, Epic)
  Project management (Relentless Execution)
  Turns data into actionable information (Data Driven)

AE/Research Transformation Update:
  Focus on keeping our faculty and students safe by providing adequate PPE
  Warehouse receiving for research will remain at the Warehouse with a focus on on-time delivery 
  Purchasing has reallocated staff to focus on AE (capital)
  Gases and Liquid O2 services are in the process of outsourcing to PraxAir – tentative completion date October 15, 2020
  Some items are not available due to global supply chain breakdowns, similar substitutes will be offered

 The Automation Plan – Becoming a Data Driven Supply Chain

  •  Actionable Intelligence on Key Performance Indicators (KPis)
  •  Executive dashboard including trend analysis (available to all)
  •  Monitor, track and improve inventory, compliance and spend
  •  Collect utilization data to drive change with physicians

   Contracting and Purchasing Changes (Health System Purchases)

  • Upon completion of the PeopleSoft Item Master upgrade all purchases will be required to be on formulary

      UTMB in November will be a closed formulary for medical and non-medical supplies

and drugs

      Items off-formulary MUST go through the Value Analysis process for approval, if not the PO may be denied

      if an off-formulary item is brought into the procedure areas it may be considered a donation to UTMB

      An emergency process will be in place for unique situations

      Excludes construction, some AE items/services and RCO

  • Effective October 1, 2020 all capital purchase quotes require approval from Supply Chain (process

will be rolled out in September)

Dr. Leonard stated that the four committees (Clinical, Education, Research and University) will need to appoint a Chair and will try to have break outs using Zoom for our November meeting for the committees to appoint them at that time.

Dr. Leonard stated that they had their meeting with Dr. Mouton and inquiring about CME certificates since UTMB dissolved that office and Dr. Mouton stated that they are negotiating with Baylor for solution for possible vendor.  Work in progress still are Endowments and how the money is used and burnout/stress.  Exit interviews, we would like to have a better understanding to know why they are leaving.  Dr. Mouton is checking with HR.  The Faculty Lounge in the Library, Dr. Leonard took a poll asking the Senators open now or wait, they said not yet, wait. Dr. Leonard indicated that he would prepare some questions and have the Senators do a survey and have Mary send out.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:03pm.