UTMB Faculty Senate Minutes

October 14, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 4:50 pm, by Dr. Nikos Vasilakis, Faculty Senate Chair, immediately following Orientation for New Senators

Dr. Vasilakis mentioned that they recently had a UT FAC meeting in Austin, where he along with Dr. Leonard met with the other UT schools in Austin along with UT System leaders. The Endowments policy will be reviewed at the Regents November meeting and we found out that we can submit comments regarding this issue before their meeting and we plan on doing so next week. UT System did state that we are out of compliance with our policy. From the meeting, it sounds like that they may make the endowments more restrictive on who can receive them, Dr. Hughes indicated. Dr. Vasilakis thanked Dr. Lynne Hughes for being relentless with this issue since this was brought up to the Senate last year.

Dr. Vasilakis also mentioned from the UT FAC meeting, a SB 212 has passed, increasing sexual assault reporting requirements for universities and he has invited Carolee King or her designee to update the Senators at our November 18 meeting.

Dr. Leonard mentioned from the UT FAC meeting that Burnout is still on the forefront and there was a white paper presented to UT System and they are now looking at it to be more “Wellness focused.” Also mentioned briefly, they are looking at some ways to for training for new faculty, on how to teach. Dr. Vasilakis added a comment to this, our new compensation plan does not provide protection time for clinical faculty or at best is very minimal. Parental Leave/FMLA they are working on better policies.

Dr. Vasilakis indicated that the University Committee has already started reviewing IHOP’s that the Compliance office have sent to us recently for comment/feedback. He also mentioned that we would like to be part of the review process for our President’s search. Dr. Hughes had mentioned that only the Regents have a vote on who the President will be, there are search committees involving leadership and faculty but they just provide their feedback on the candidates. Dr. Vasilakis presented the Senators with a document that numerous faculty and chairs worked on and will be sending on to UT System in the next week. He had also presented it to Dr. Raimer for his review and received his endorsement.

Committees appointing chairs and co-chairs and discuss any topics of concern

University Committee – Dr. Dineley stated that this committee will review continue to review IHOP policies and the Endowments.

Education Committee – Dr. Kelly stated that they will see how the HEC and incentive plan are interacting; how education and tenure will look in the future; and concept of tenure in the years to come.

Clinical Committee – Dr. Masel stated that they may look at the new incentives, for example, RVU’s, what resources out there to increase them.

Research Committee – Dr. Anastasio stated that they will find out who the Senate rep is on the Research Strategic Plan; Research, increase funding and retain faculty; collaborate with clinicians, bedside to bench in translational research; and bridging grants to improve morale.

Dr. Vasilakis announced that our November meeting, Cheryl Sadro (financial reports) and Carolee King or her designee (SB212 Bill) have been invited to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:09 pm.