UTMB Faculty Senate
October 9, 2017



I. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. George Carayannopoulos, Faculty Senate Chair.
II. The minutes from August 14, 2017 were voted on and approved by email by September 1, 2017.
III. New Senator Orientation – Dr. George Carayannopoulos  

Dr. Carayannopoulos presented to the new Senators the Orientation PowerPoint.  One of the slides shows the results of the Senator’s selection for serving on one of the four committees of the Senate.

Our November meeting, the fours committees will select their chair and co-chair.                     

Also at our November meeting, the Senators group photo for our website will be taken at 4:10 pm in the lobby of the SON/SHP building, right before our meeting at 4:30 pm.

IV. Chair Presentation and Discussion – Dr. George Carayannopoulos

Dr. Carayannopoulos thanked Dr. Suzanne Alton for all of her hard work as a member and as chair and her dedication on the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Carayannopoulos presented a PowerPoint that he recently shared with President Callender.  The presentation showed the results from the UTMB Faculty Burnout survey, UTMB Faculty Senate Satisfaction survey, and the UTMB Top Clinical Performers satisfaction survey.

UTMB Faculty Senate next steps:

Ø  Meet with Dr. Callender and Dr. Jacobs to:

  • Discuss and plan strategy to work on solutions suggested by the surveys
  • Implement solutions

Ø  Refine satisfaction survey

Ø  Query all UTMB faculty

  • Act on viable solutions and recommendations
  • Follow-up/reassess satisfaction at 6-12 month intervals.

Ø  Goal:  Satisfaction scores 6.5-7 out of 7; satisfied to very satisfied”

Dr. Carayannopoulos also presented a Solutions/Changes Worksheet developed from the responses from the satisfaction surveys.

V. Shared Governance – Tony Cucolo, Associate Vice Chancellor for Leadership Development & Veterans Affairs, Dr. Jonathan Cheng, Chair, UT System Faculty Advisory Council and Jocelyn Greves, Assistant (Tony Cucolo’s email: acucolo@utsystem.edu)

Mr. Cucolo presented a PowerPoint on Shared Governance and here are some highlights from his presentation:

  • Study results were presented in a White Paper to the FAC, January 2016.  White Paper on Shared Governance highlighted this is a System-Wide issue.
  • System FAC presented findings and recommendations to the Chancellor, April 2016.
  • Chancellor received, modified and approved the “UT System Philosophy of Shared Governance,” June 2016; Chancellor engaged Presidents requesting consideration and comments.
  • Chancellor sent second note to Presidents in February 2017, reinforcing importance of balancing shared governance and presidential responsibility; alerted Presidents to “traveling team” effort to further discuss as institutional level.

University of Texas System Philosophy of Shared Governance

  • Total commitment to collegial, cooperative, and trust-based organizational leadership that enables meaningful combined participation by the administration and the faculty in the management of an institution’s operations.
  • A devoted partnership among all stakeholders to a clearly defined and broadly affirmed institutional vision.
  • A standing elected faculty governance organization recognized as the voice of the faculty.
  • Consistently open and transparent communication without threat or fear of reprisal.
  • While recognizing it is the President who is accountable for all the institutions does or fails to do, an appropriate level of shared responsibility and accountability in decision making exists along with a bias for action and follow-up on all institutional decision.
  • An overall organizational culture of caring, mutual respect, and commitment to collectively address any challenge.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.